How Custom boxes can be made persuasive with foil stamping?

 Ancient Egyptian people first started the foil stamping technique. Afterward, box manufacturers have been using foil stamping to make the custom boxes look alluring. Plus, this adds a luster look to the packaging. There are several ways to make the boxes perfect with this technique and process. Some trendy designs you will find in the market with boxes are given below

Metallic foil

Foil stamping is basically the crafting of the box with a special technique. The designer uses metallic foil material to decorate the custom boxesThe material is also known as a metalized foil. Therefore, it makes the surface shiny and gives a text more cleaner look. Thus, the overall design looks like a metal style. It is an ideal way to add a luxe touch to the packaging. The designer uses gold or silver foils to give the box an extravagant look.

Pigment foil

One more modish type of décor the manufacturers now use to change the look of the box is pigment foil. These come with a wide range of color options. Moreover, one can design with glossy or matte finished pigments. These also give a luxury touch and undoubtedly attraction-seeking feature on the packaging.

Holographic foil

Give your box exclusive appeal by using the holographic foil. The type of stamping creates a rainbow effect. Thus, the overall design looks three-dimensional. We usually see such patterns on products like trading cards, baseball cards, or in different promotional materials.

Final verdict

Foil stamping is in trend for the decoration of the custom boxes. These are not only unique in appeal but change the overall look of the product. Most manufacturers earn an extra profit because of this type of box printing technique.

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