8 Simple And Useful Steps For Brightening Up Your Living Room

 In the wake hours, your living room is the place where you spend most of your time when you are at home. Whether you are meeting with friends/relatives/someone else or spending time with your family members, you use this space. So, you need to keep it refreshed and bright. And when it comes to brightening up your living room, you can come across numerous ideas that could or couldn’t work for you. Here are some inspiring steps that will surely help you in this regard:

1. Coat your living room with a white paint 

Usually, people use a wall mirror to get the reflection of the natural light into other parts of the room. You can do the same by having a whitewash for your living space. The white color reflects the light coming to it and spreads the same into other parts of the room. Whether you want to brighten up it or bring natural light into it, you should move forward with having white furniture pieces after whitewashing the walls and ceiling of your living room.

2. Install as many lights as you can do 

Undoubtedly, lights have a greater role in brightening up a space and making it livelier. People take lighting as a practical tool. However, it has a huge stylistic impact on you, based on the one you select and install in your home. When you are determined to make your living room brighter, you should go with the installation of all lighting types - general, ambient, and task. In this, you can install ceiling lights, wall lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps, chandeliers, and allied others.

3. Have more plants and flowers inside your home

In general, people think that plants help only in improving indoor/outdoor air quality. However, the fact is a little different. Apart from enhancing the quality of indoor air, houseplants help you improve the look and life of your living room. Looking at the plants and flowers placed there make you feel with energy and refreshed. Collect your favorite small houseplants, pots, planters, and allied things, and create an indoor garden in your living space.

4. Think of hanging different wall art pieces 

Keep in mind that empty walls are dull and reflect loneliness. The reflection of loneliness can make others think that you don’t love being social with people residing around you. Further, empty walls impact the brightness of the space. For better and positive impacts on others, you should adorn your living room walls with different wall art pieces such as paintings, murals, wooden hangings, and wall stickers. While hanging the wall art pieces, value your art choice and taste, along with your home decor theme.

5. Place eye-catchy rugs 

To keep dust and dirt away, you place rugs at the entrance and inside of a room in your abode. In the living room, you should be more careful in the installation of a rug. As it is the place of your abode where you see your guests, relatives, and friends, so you place the rugs that could help you draw their attention. Think of placing a colorful and bold rug if your living room is neutral. Place the one that can make your home visitors feel more welcoming. 

6. Paint or replace your living room furniture 

When it comes to lightening up a space, the things such as furniture pieces placed there play a crucial role. Old or damaged sofa sets, side tables, and the center table could hamper the look that could be a barrier. You should paint them if they are in good condition. Otherwise, think of replacing them with a new one.   

7. Clean or replace accessories

In your living space, you have different accessories such as pillow covers, curtains, sofa covers, and blinds. They might have dust and dirt that can be a barrier in reflecting the light coming into the living room. You should always keep all the fabrics clean to avoid spreading a bad smell. Replace the old with a new one if you notice it is too old or torn. 

8. Install at least one mirror 

A mirror, especially a wall mirror, is used for many purposes in the current world. It comes in your way whether you want to have your own reflection before going out of home, make a space look virtually bigger, or reflect the light coming into a room. You should install the one for any one of the reasons mentioned above. 


Brightening up a living space relates to several things, from its design to the things placed/installed inside it. After a little arrangement, you can follow the tricks mentioned above to get a new look for your living room. A brighter living space will help you impress the people who come to see you.

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