Different Styles Of Vape Packaging To Inspire Your Customers

The packaging is a core part of any business. Without secure boxes, the product seems incomplete. It is because ideal packaging not only ensures the safe delivery of the product to the end-user. Perhaps, give a product identity. Therefore, every business looks for a unique, trendy, and persuasive box to pack their items. 

Just like other product vape cartridges also need a suitable box to give them a presentable appeal. Thus, these also come in unique vape packaging. It is the best way to take in marijuana and deliver it safely to the consumer. A cartridge containing vape is becoming popular because it is known as the safest method to smoke and fulfill the desire. In this regard to keep the product popular, the marijuana companies are focusing on the boxes to deliver these cartridges to end-users in distinguishing ways.

Styles of vape boxes:

To give an eye catchy impression to the vape cartridge, the companies are designing various types of boxes. They are crafting the styles that allure customers. Perhaps, improve their market, few of the common packaging boxes available in the market to give the attention-seeking appeal to vape cartridge include


The slim box with a minimalist pattern:

The vape cartridge is a thin bottle. Therefore to pack such a product it is better to choose the slim design. It is compact, rectangular, and tall in style. So, you can easily keep it in your pocket. The length boxes with the sleek appeal are best to store the 0.5ml volume cartridge. Moreover, some companies also use this box for the packaging of a 1ml size marijuana casing.

The packaging is strong and convenient. Moreover, to bait customer attraction, the designer uses the minimalist design. There exist only the company name in a small font. However, boxes with large font are also available yet the minimalist design gives a fantabulous appeal to the packaging. Furthermore, to add a chic impression, the boxes also come with UV or gold foil wrapping. Thus, the ultimate aim is to compete in the market and most companies use the luxury coat to seek the attention of their potential buyers,

Flip-top panel packaging with bold font:

The flip-top panel is the classy smoking product box style. It is easy to use and keep the cartridge safe, the stylish yet classy boxes add style to a person handling it. Furthermore, the boxes are attractive and enchanting because of the print of the company’s logo. Plus, most companies use the black and white color scheme to add a persuasive touch to their packaging. Perhaps, it adds unique character to their packaging and ultimately enhances the sale of the vape products.

The wide shape box with hangtag:

To make the packaging easy to handle and to display Differently, companies are using wide boxes with hangtag. These come with a retail hanger, so the salesperson can conveniently display them on the racks where the consumers can easily see their favorite product. 

Moreover, these are boxes of large size. Therefore, companies add more detail about the product, safety concerns as well as contact information. Usually, these boxes have some image, and the company logo to create an inspiring effect for the buyers. Thus, the boxes give a prominent appeal to the product and help in improving the sale of the product.

Blister boxes with inserts:

To give a vape product a safe edge the companies add the inserts inside the box. The two-box piece with the insert gives it a gift packaging appeal. Therefore, the boxes are usually an expensive and good option for those who want to gift the vape to their fellow. Furthermore, to give the box a stupendous appel, the companies may display some add ons like ribbons or gold font. Moreover, gold foil stamping remarkably adds a luxe effect to the box.

Blank boxes:

The last but not the least style available is the blank packaging. It looks cool. However, there is present no font, style, or color on the box yet it looks classy. People love the appeal of such a box. The vape packaging is available in a variety of styles like flap blank boxes, two-piece boxes, hinged style vape boxes, or the box with a tuck top opening. Thus, companies get a variety of options in blank packaging.

Final thoughts:

Custom vape boxes are a wonderful option to give your product a new look and attention-seeking characteristics. So, if you are a vape supplier then focus on your packaging strategy. Get the new, remedy, and stylish printed vape boxes and see the magic. You will have more customers. Perhaps, you will have an extraordinary demand for your products.


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