Safety Measurements to Follow in COVID Situation Maintained by Trivarna Travels

We are living through a period of pandemic namely Covid-19. It has shattered the entire world. The life of people has become pathetic during this situation. Still, life and livelihood cannot be ignored in this situation too. People have to work for earning a few bucks to carry on their lives. WHO has made aware the people about the way this virus spread and how necessary precautionary measures can keep you safe.

Use of Hand Wash or Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers :

The most of the germs are spread mainly from hands. This applies to covid-19 virus too. You don’t know when you have touched a surface or any other
material that is already infected with covid virus. So, it is suggested to wash your hands frequently with any soap you have with you. But while you are in a car or in a public transport, it is not possible to wash your hands. As per covid rule, trivarna travels provides hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers inside the car. So, passengers as well as the drivers can use them and stay safe.

Safe Distance is Maintained :

This virus is spread from one infected human to other. That means if you are in close contact with a covid infected person then you are at the high risk to get infected. But, it is not possible to understand whether the person with whom you are in close contact is a covid patient or not. Trivarna Travels is maintained Safe distance between the drivers and the passengers. Cars are also parked at a less crowded place.

Mask Used by Drivers :

Besides maintaining social distancing and washing hands frequently, wearing mask is another important rule that must be followed by every citizen. It is said that mask is the primary vaccine to stay safe covid. Especially those are working at a medium to high risk to get infected, they should wear medical mask. Trivarna Travels also follow the suggestion and every driver wear mask while they are driving and talking to the passengers.
Proper Ventilated Car :

In this covid situation, it is suggested to stay in a place where air can be ventilated properly. Trivarna Travels also follow this rule and AC is not allowed to run. Rather, the windows of the car can be kept opened so that air can move properly.

Avoid Public Gatherings :

Public gathering is not allowed during this covid situation. This rule is also followed by Trivarna Travels. The drivers are advised to park car at a place that is safe and free from huge public gathering. Again, the drivers will not take the passengers to any public gathering.

Here it can be assured that Trivarna Travels follow all the necessary safety precautions during any trip so that no passenger can get infected during this tough time.

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