My Administrative Assistant Career Path

I have worked for the past 6 years as a senior administrative assistant for an Airconditioning company and I am thankful that they've given me a chance for despite posting that the position requires candidate to be graduate. The path to my career though wasn't easy as I am face with tough competition whose CV have much more better credentials than mine.
6 years ago I got a call from a company I've applied and they are looking for an administrative assistant. I always thought this was a long shot since I have applied many times but didn't get any luck. Some invited me for an interview, some did not call at all. For those interview I attended, they always noticed my educational background. Though they do not show it, but I feel that it is already a deciding factor for them.

“So, it says here you only took 2 years in college? Why did you not continue?”

Of course I do not want them to take pity on me and use my background just to get hired but the truth is, my father, our provider died and my mother cannot afford to pay for my college hence I needed to stop and look for work. I always dreamt of working in an office but being an undergraduate always gets in the way. But let's be honest, the company always prefer candidate w/ great resume and won't care for your background.

Until this company gives me a chance. So we are 3 applicants, I know my competition are graduates because I overheard them talking. Then my turn came, as always I'm nervous and skeptical. But the interviewer somehow lighten the mood and that makes me comfortable and cleared my head. We talked and for some reason, the educational background was not primarily discussed. I talked about my strengths and what I can do for the company the usual stuffs. And finally I close my statement with:

“What I lack in education, I make up for experience and hard work. Life taught me to never give. It is better to fail than to not have tried at all, it is the only time one can grow.”
The interviewer smiled and said "Wow". For the 1st time I feel confident in an interview. A few days have passed and I got a call again from the same number telling me to come over for the job offer. Did I heard it right? They want to offer me the job? I am so proud that despite being an undergraduate, I landed the job I always wanted.

Fast forward to present time, I quit the job to be a full time mom. Now I am undergoing training with FVA (Filipino Virtual Assistant) and equipping myself to be a better Virtual assistant in the future. I am now more confident learning new things from this course. I hope my life experience inspires others like me to not give up on their dreams.

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