Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Everybody knows that sanitizing the eyelash extension tools is vital. And, if you do not, you will be jeopardising your eyes and health. Bacterial growth and contamination will not be far behind with unclean tools. Knowing they should be sanitized and in the best way possible is vital. And, how to look after your eyelash tweezers? Here are some easy and effective ways you could do it.
Clean Off The Excess Glue From Lashes
If you do it on your own, ensuring you take major safety precautions is important. Get rid of the disposal items and clean the tweezers. When applying glue, the tweezers could get the extra adhesive which could damage the plating of the tip. If it is a continuous problem, then maybe you are using too much adhesive.
Always Disinfect Your Tools
During recent times maintaining utmost hygiene is important. And, not just for yourself, but the eyelash extensions tools you use as well. Always start sanitizing by wiping off any remaining debris. Use 2oz of barbicide concentrate to every 32oz cold water.
Keep the tweezers in there for 10 minutes at least. Always dry them so that they can last longer. Buying quality tools is a necessity that you should not avoid. It is a matter of the eyes and should never be neglected or taken lightly.
Store Them In Cases
Your tweezers would always be the most important eyelash extensions tools you would own. Their fine points help you get the desired look and make your eyes look just the way you want. Protecting these fine tips is vital and can only be done when you put them in a protected case. There are cushioned cases which could store more than one tweezers at a time.
Therefore, these are some of the ways by which you could get the perfect look. Always ensure you have a pair of tweezers handy. Taking care of them gives you longevity of the product.

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