Internet marketing is an area with endless possibilities. Marketing techniques are also innovative as human beings change their behavior.
As Internet technology and mobile technology grow, marketers have to look for new ventures to bring their brands to their potential customers.
Therein lies the relevance of the idea of ​​what digital marketing is? Let's go in a lot and get acquainted with digital marketing. In this article, we are going to look at what digital marketing is and different marketing types, and how it affects the marketplace.

What is Digital Marketing???

Actually, it’s very easy to answer the question, simply it’s considered one of the best ways to connect and influence potential customers through the internet.

Nowadays a lot of people spend most of their time on mobile devices. With this reality in mind, we promote our business products and services through digital marketing and ensures that it reaches the desired customers.
Digital marketing is actually a pool of different channels used to promote business according to prospective customers. It’s not just a phrase, as I said earlier there are a lot of ways to conduct digital marketing. And they are;

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
Social Media Marketing(SMM)
E-Mail Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing
Pay Per Click Marketing(PPC) ,etc.

Let’s discuss Search Engine Marketing(SEM), It’s a best practice to promote a business with paid Advertising that displayed on top of the SERP(Search Engine Results Page) page. It offers the advertiser the opportunity to display his/her advertisement to more desirable customers.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO makes your website ranking on top pages or makes increases our website visibility for relevant searches. The search engines(Google, Bing, etc.) crawl our website web pages and go from one page to another page to collect information and index them.

Social Media Marketing(SMM), make use of the social media platforms to promote your product or services to desired customers. It’s the best way to increase sales and drive website traffic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc are examples of Social Media platforms.

Email Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that sends E-Mails to customers.

Affiliate Marketing is a process of making money by promoting other company’s products/services.

Content Marketing focused more on creating and publishing reliable, relevant content to target potential customers online.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a search engine advertising method to make clicks to your website organically. Every time a click happens, you pay the search engine. It’s the best effective paid advertising method used by most shops to a big company to promote their product and services.

Digital Marketing impacts on marketplace???

Digital Marketing has a powerful impact on the marketplace. It increases traffic to your business website. Traditional marketing methods only help us to reach a limited audience. Like most people these days entirely relied on online platforms, they are more exposed to commercial marketing platforms. Below are the benefits of Digital Marketing ;

As the internet is available to the whole world, our product/services can be purchased by people of any country.
Low cost unlike the traditional way of marketing.
Can make an increase in profit.
Can target potential customers.

In today’s era, small business to big enterprises uses new methods of digital marketing techniques to improve their business and try to expand business all over the world.

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