COVID 19 Podcasts

After discovering about baseball coaching podcast, you can also get information about curriculum vitae podcast. Explorethespcehow also called together our professional medical-legal counsel and world-leading experts to discuss COVID-19-related issues intended to help protect physicians. Covid podcasts channel is a COVID-19 hub that offers advice and feedback on medical-legal issues and protects their well-being to help our members. You will find additional COVID-19 information and guidelines for participants on the local Patient Safety website. Simply pick your position at the top of this page from the drop-down column. What are the features of a successful attorney general, particularly in times of crisis? In a discussion with CLO Program Analysis & Insights Director Lori Lorenzo, Debbie Majoras, Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and Secretary at Procter & Gamble, offers insights into her life, work, and leading through the pandemic in this episode of the digital health podcast. Debbie discusses how her Procter & Gamble team worked with governments and shared playbooks to help keep goods flowing while keeping employees safe. During the pandemic, Debbie focuses on her leadership background and more importantly on the lessons she learned during a career that spans major policy, administration, and the private sector. She knows that when things don't go according to schedule, it takes a decent amount of grit to recover and that those moments show just how tough you are as a person and a professional. Too many persons have been compelled by the pandemic to exhibit incredible bravery. Via emotional and physical adversity, frontline leaders and those directly afflicted by the corona virus have had to soldier on. How does the implementation of well-being activities enable people and politicians to come back from the crisis and develop the resilience necessary to navigate the current problems we all face? Host Mike Kearney teams up with Jen Fisher, Deloitte's US chief well-being officer and host of the WorkWell podcast, in this episode of Resilient, to discuss the link between well-being and resilience with emergency medical services (EMS) boss, Mike McCabe, McCabe Ambulance Service Chief of Operations and EMS World Podcasts host. From 9/11 to the COVID-19 reaction and hundreds of public safety and medical events in between, Mike McCabe has lived and served through many crises. It is necessary to secure and develop resilience in the vital infrastructure of the US to protect the defense and economy of our country, as well as the health and welfare of our people. COVID-19 has implemented a range of new resilience problems that have physical and cyber repercussions, but also opportunities to reconsider risk. How can market leaders not only handle the downside of risk at the moment but also exploit a systematic approach to risk management to improve responsiveness to future crises? This episode highlights Robert (Bob) Kolasky, assistant director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber security and Infrastructure Security Agency's National Risk Management Center (NRMC) (CISA). Bob addresses the interdependencies between the public and private sectors and the role of the NRMC in advising companies, industry, and the government on vital infrastructure security.

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