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The most salient aspect to care about to create any popular app is the knowledge of app store optimisation.In this growing trend of the world going digital, app store optimisation is the most essential aspect one should work to reach the maximum possible numbers of users. The competition in the field is increasing everyday by leaps and bounds and in order to sustain, everyone is trying their best to increase the reach of their respective companies. In this scenario, creating and showcasing a great application only is not enough. If the details or the information you are providingabout your product that is the app in this case, does not reaches to the consumer, it’s of no use. So, the most important thing is getting the reach. App store optimisation is the smartest way to increase the visibility of your app and its content in the online app store. If you can acquire the perfect skill of app store optimisation, it will be very much beneficial for your business and income from this regard.
Let’s discuss about the factors which help us to design our methodology which are the key elements in our app development. We do thorough research and surveys on the market and our experts works on specific problems which depends on factors like the area, the users, and also the applicative aspects of a particular app.
Our experts have found in India, Appstore optimization is dependent on the following factors:
• App Title
• Installs Volume
• Videos
• Screenshots
• Ratings
• User Reviews
The app title helps the user to decide the utility of the app and they often do not read the long description to get a detailed information about it. So, it is important to design the name of the app with pinpoint accuracy so that in can maximize its effect and attract the maximum numbers of users.
Installs volume is considered to be the driving force of app download among the users. More than 90% of the users do not download high install volume apps and they are very strict in that. So, designing lesser size apps are important to increase the popularity of the app.
Videos which are present alongside the app, playing what’s inside the app is another important determinant of app popularity. Designing these videos in an effective manner is important to draw more and more users.
Screenshots which shows the in-app features and also the benefits of the app are also important as people who are unable to watch the video due to data issues, judges the app on the basis of the screenshots attached along with.
Ratings and user reviews are important, as the people are always concerned on what other people says and this part dependant on how good the above factors are.
We, the best App developers and Appstore optimizers in India help you to design your app in a manner so that it fulfils every aspect of what are important to increase the popularity and user friendliness of the app. Join us today. Visit our website DGTLmart .

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