5 ideas to keep your dog exercising even during winters.

No season can stop your dog from exercising. It is a fundamental task of their routine to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. Thus here we are sharing 5 ideas that won't stop your dog from getting exercised

Treadmill - Treadmills are the best option to get your dog exercised at home. You may first try with the normal treadmill and then get your dog 'a dog treadmill'. Increase the difficulty level by increasing the speed till your dog becomes pro.

Online classes - Enroll your dog into online classes they would love to attend. Choose what your dog loves to do swimming, agility training, obedience classes, yoga, dog conditioning classes, and whatnot. There are a lot of teachers available to enhance your dog's skills.

Indoor games - Try playing one of these games at a time. A-game each day would keep your dog enough engaged.
Hide & Seek
Tug of war
Scent games
Brain games
Doggy yoga
Climbing stairs
Puppy push-ups

Playdates - Call your friends who all own dogs. Let your dog make new friends and have a party. Arrange various games for them to keep them excited.

Help you with the household chores - When you will be done with everything try engaging your dog somehow in the household chores you do. Small jobs when tipped with a reward can make your dog's day

Let us know how you have tried to keep your dog fit and engaged during the winter seasons. To know more about dog exercising tips visit

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