4 Best Types of Eyelash Tweezers That You Should Have

Getting in touch with an eyelash extension wholesale supplier is useless.  If you don’t have the right eyelash tweezer. There isn’t any artistic lashing method that can compensate for a poor-quality tweezer. Today, we would be talking about 4 different professional eyelash tweezer that is a must-have for lash technicians.

4 Different Types of Eyelash Tweezers

  1. Straight Lash Tweezer
    This is a basic tweezer that you can find in any eyelash extension wholesale store. They are long and narrow. The tweezers end with a tapered point. The straight lash tweezers replicate a traditional tweezer. This lash tweezer is designed for easily picking lash extensions. The tweezer’s tip is perfectly aligned. And this ensures a firm grip.

  2. Isolation Lash Tweezer
    This type aids you keep your real lashes isolated while you apply faux lashes. You can hold the isolation lash tweezer in one other. And with the other hand, you can attach the lash extensions to your customers. This tweezer comprises of a little curve, present beneath. This curve paves way for accurate isolation.

  3. Pointed Curve Lash Tweezer
    If you are searching for a versatile tweezer, then a pointed curve lash tweezer is your perfect choice. This tweezer’s small base enables a firmer grip. This, in turn, makes it easier to choose multiple lashes for a voluminous fan. These tweezers also prove to be hand if you are looking for tweezers for classic lashes.

  4. Volume Lash Tweezer

It always feels good to gain control over volume lash extensions. This tweezer includes a sharp curve at the tip, which symbolizes L. So, you can also call this tweezer L tweezers. With this volume lash tweezer, you can have control over your created volume fans.
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