Concrete Flooring - All Pros and Cons Explained

Concrete is widely used across the world due to its durability. There is no doubt that it is used in driveways and streets. When it is used as the flooring materials, then you are going to get the durability of the highway. It is not easy to make a dent or crack the concrete floor. This can also be made a fashion statement. Note that the etching techniques and dyes will change the color to gray and will make the concrete look attractive. You can get different finishes in concrete as per your choice. The cost will vary from $2 to $32 per square foot.

If you are in search of the professionals to get the concrete sidewalk repair NYC services, then it is best to connect with professional companies nearest to the area. The experts will do the task using the right equipment and tools.
Remember one thing that concrete is heavy in weight. If you are planning to put new concrete floors on grade, then the weight will not be an issue. But if you are planning to concrete on a subfloor that is going to be supported by the joists, then you will need an input of a structural engineer for weight analysis.

Confused, whether to go for concrete flooring or not? There is nothing to worry about because we are going to tell you all the pros and cons of concrete flooring to guide you in a better way:


1-It is low maintenance. This property makes it easy to be used and easily cared for as well with less amount of money. The owners can easily get rid of the dirt, grit, stain, and even the hard impacts. With a little sweeping you can get a good look at your concrete floors.
2-It provide beautiful designs. Due to the integration of modern techniques in the concrete, you can make luxurious. For your information, dyes are added inside the concrete to give it a different range of colors. Furthermore, treatments like concrete stains and acid stains will turn the plain concrete into a beautiful concrete finish. For adding the texture, the concrete is stamped with rubber stencils. After using the right dyes, the finished concrete will be made using the natural stone, brick, and it will look similar to ceramic tiles.
3-It provide you heated floors. When you are doing the construction, the concrete added on the existing slab will give you the option to add the radiant heat – hot water tubes and electrical cables to make the floor warm.


1-It is very hard. If a glass is dropped, then there is no chance of glass survival. If you want to avoid the problems, then you should consider placing the rugs on the floor.
2-Cracks can develop. Even if the concrete floor is developed by experts, cracks can appear. The reason behind this is the change in moisture, temperature, and settling. If you want to get rid of the cracks, then you can get the patching materials and colored cement paste.
3-It is not environment friendly. The concrete is a biodegradable and inert material. A large amount of energy is needed to break and it will release the carbon dioxide.
4-Moisture problems. In a low-grade basement, moisture can go from the bottom to the top that will make concrete damp and this will damage the surface.
Now, you will be clear about all the pros and cons of concrete and can make a better decision to select it or not.

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