World’s Largest Animal Found In Australian Waters

Scientists have recently discovered many new species in the deep sea off Australia’s coast. More than 30 discoveries were possible due to the expedition in Western Australia’s underwater canyons.
One of the most notable discoveries was a siphonophore, which measures about 150 feet (46 meters). They are deep-sea predators of many tiny clones to act like one when together and spread out like a single long string within the water.
The expedition also discovered several other deep-sea animals like an octopus squid, a long-tailed sea cucumber, glass sponges, and the first giant hybrids that look like upside-down jellyfish.
A senior research scientist from the Western Australian Museum is the one who led the expedition, expressed that the discovery of the long siphonophore was unexpected. The research vehicle went 4,439 meters under the water, but the siphonophore was found only when the vehicle was returning.
Siphonophores are like jellyfish, who are fed by dangling stinging tentacles in the water and other animals like small crustaceans and fish that swim into the curtain of tentacles are paralyzed and reeled up to the body of the colony.
The newly discovered siphonophores are about twice as long as blue whales in length and thrice as long as a humpback whale, which is usually about 50 feet in length.
The expedition led by the Schmidt Ocean Institution is a non-profit group that supports oceanographic research by providing the provision of a research vessel and remotely operated vehicle, which the Australian government and other scientific institutions fail to prove.
The discovery of the siphonophore and other yet to discover marine animals are done in a protected area called the Gascoyne Coast bioregion. It describes how our knowledge about marine animals is so limited, while there are still so many marine species yet to be discovered.
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