Why We Use HAKI System Scaffold?

HAKI System Scaffolds provide with safe and ergonomic temporary access solutions. Such as modular scaffolding systems, temporary roofs and stair towers. Additionally, specialist solutions can also be fabricated using a range of product components, wherever unique access packages are required for complex construction jobs. All in all, Sidewalk Shed NYC companies offering HAKI Universal Scaffolding Systems deliver versatility, speed of installation/dismantling, safety, and reliability – all in one place.

Here’s why we use HAKI System Scaffold.

1. Safer Working at Heights.

All of the HAKI Universal system Scaffolds are erected in the same way i.e. using Advanced Guard Rails to provide optimum collective fall protection. Additionally, robust steel or aluminum decks can be used to enhance the safety of the worksite when working at different heights. On the other hand, if traditional scaffold boards are the requirement, they are also compatible with HAKI System Scaffold.

2. Time and Cost Saving.

HAKI Universal System Scaffolding saves time and materials for the clients. How? This is because the full structure can easily be erected with the help of systemized components; without having the need for tube and fittings for handrails and infills. In short,

• HAKI System Scaffold grids up to 3.65 meters.
• Fewer components are required for the structure establishment compared to tube and fittings and other systems.
• It is up to 30% lighter than the tube and fittings and even other scaffold systems.

3. Simple erection of complex scaffold structures.

The usual dangers and challenges associated with erecting a scaffolding structure get eliminated when using HAKI Universal System Scaffold. How? The multi-functional ledger beam acts as a suspension component, ultimately structures can easily be suspended from a safe zone. Combined with HAKI Advanced Guard Rail with a double rider can provide leading-edge protection whilst bays are decked. Consequently, the risk of falls from height gets minimized. Furthermore, HAKI steel and aluminum decks can also be efficient in helping to reduce the risk of slips and trips when working on the suspended scaffolds.

4. Fewer connections, joint, or contact points.

Constructed in both the forms of galvanized steel and aluminum, HAKI System Scaffolds use fewer components compared to other systems available in the market. Additionally, they can also be up to 50-times lighter, therefore, providing a significant reduction of loads into the structure. Despite being easy-to-assemble and maintain, HAKI system scaffolds are very versatile;

• Connections can easily be made anywhere; horizontally or vertically.
• Require Just a few basic components for establishment.
• Can employ the use of both system planks or scaffold boards.
• Effectively adapts to any type of application required.
5. Economical.
Using HAKI System Scaffolds;
• Large bay length significantly reduces erection times, thus, reducing installation costs.
• No need for loose or small fittings to get timely service or the risk of getting lost.
• Minimal moving parts that are easy to maintain and repair.

That’s the reason why most of the NYC Scaffolding Rental Service uses HAKI system scaffolds for their construction, renovation, or demolition projects.

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