When is a sidewalk scaffolding shed required window replacement?

Sidewalk Scaffolding Sheds are required for a building that is under construction or renovation phases. It is a legal requirement by NYC’s DOB to put up appropriate sidewalk sheds and then begin with the construction, demolition or repairing work so that pedestrian safety can be guaranteed. These sheds are of different kinds and are erected on two primary basis;

1. Temporary Sidewalk Sheds.

These sheds, hired from an NYC Sidewalk Rental Service, are erected when there is an ongoing constriction work for a building that is at least 40 feet in height; Demolition of a building is in the process that stands at 25 feet at least or even when the façade restoration work is required. Usually, these scaffolding sheds are of a steel and plywood base, therefore, providing versatility in their design for complex construction jobs.
The permits for these sidewalk sheds are issued on an initial one-year validity. The property owner must dismantle them once the construction work completes. However, renewals can be made depending on the extent of construction.

2. Permanent Sidewalk Sheds.

Permanent Sidewalk Sheds are erected for the buildings whose façade is of unreliable condition i.e. loose bricks, falling paint and mortar, tilted structure, and other structural stability inefficiencies. So, in order to protect the building’s historical and architectural significance as well as provide a safe walkway for pedestrians; these sidewalk sheds are of great use. Usually, permanent sidewalk sheds are referred to as ‘Sidewalk Bridges’ and are made of sturdy steel structures.

Façade restoration work; is permit required or not?

There is some minor work, which can be performed without a work permit; without having the need to hire a Licensed Contractor, and/or without hiring a Registered Design Professional.
• Emergency construction/restoration work; Stabilization of unsafe structural conditions, erection of sidewalk sheds, fences, or other similar structures to protect the public from an unsafe walkway condition.
• Minor alterations and ordinary repairs, for both interior and exterior of the building.
• Exterior Façade renovation; Masonry (not including terracotta or stone), Concrete Restoration, Curtain/Panel Walls, Cleaning or Coating of Masonry, Concrete, Metal, EIFS, Sheet Metal, Doors, and Windows.
When do you need to hire a professional and obtain a scaffolding permit for Window Replacement?
• Repairing the brick and mortar, terra-cotta, stucco, tiles, glass, lightweight curtain wall, and concrete cladding.
• Renovating structurally damaged or corroded lintels.
• Restoration of damaged architectural details, fire escapes, window sills, handrails, terraces rooftops, and/or parapet walls.
• Installation of electrical wiring and lighting

These procedures can only be performed by Contractors with specialized licenses and permits are issued to these registered trade license holders.

So, for extensive window replacement procedures that also include alteration in the design of the façade; hiring the professional services of a Scaffolding Rental NYC company is important.

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