What is Polygamy?

If you fancy the idea of being in a polygamy relationship first of all you should know what this is and how it works. Most people are completely in the dark when it comes to such relationships. The marriage in such a relationship is with multiple partners and in most countries, it is considered illegal. Most of these marriages include two wives or more. What is polygamy? For some people it is a way of life; there are individuals who have no problem accepting it and who consider it normal. 

What Is Polygamy?

When it comes to answering the question: What is polygamy? things are a bit more complicated than it sounds. To be in such a relationship you have to be married to multiple partners and live in the same house. It is possible for a man to have more wives at the same time and this is known as polygyny or for women to have more husbands and this is known as polyandry. There are also group marriages and that is husbands and wives living as a single family. What is polygamy  In simple terms it is a marriage where there is more than one partner. Such marriages are not accepted by Christianity but they are popular in different cultures on on all continents. There are cultures that accept and embrace polygyny in their society and that consider it normal. Polygamy goes back a very long time and although most cultures do not consider it normal it continues to exist. Polygamists do not have relationships outside their marriages, they have more wives or husbands. Many cultures tolerate such relationships.

Most countries that allow polygamy are Muslim. As far as Muslims are concerned, men can take up to four wives as long as they are treated equally. A lot can be said about polygamy but it is really about to each person to decide how he wants to live and whether he needs more than one partner to satisfy his sexual appetite and to have the life he has always dreamed of. Through these marriages people form alliances and they become rich. In today’s society, being happily married has become a challenge considered the numerous temptations that exist. Also, given the fact that they have the possibility to divorce many couples prefer to give up and look for their happiness with someone else. 

Why Be in a Polygamy Relationship?

There are people who want to be in a polygamy relationship and who consider it beneficial. There are women who do not have a problem when it comes to sharing their husband as well as their housekeeping and childrearing responsibilities. It is possible for men to have more wives and vice versa but often there is not a balance in these relationships. Usually women are dominated, they are subordinated to their husbands, they get married at a young age and they do not know how to be independent and how to get by on their own.

Being in a polygamy relationship is not for everyone. Most of the times, women who are in such a relationship lack education and they cannot forge a better future for themselves. Nowadays people have the possibility to decide in what kind of relationship they want to be. There are women who accept to be in a relationship with multiple partners or to get married with a man that has other wives and who are perfectly ok with this concept. It all depends on what they want from their lives and their relationships. 

There are many women who are in a monogamous relationship and who are unhappy, who are cheated all the time, who are abused, who are too weak to change their lives for the better. This does not mean that polygamy is better than monogamy, it just means that each person has the right to decide how she/he wants to live. Why shouldn’t you consider having multiple partners and see how you like it? Why should you stick to monogamy just because it is accepted as the normal type of relationship by society? 

What to Know about Polygamy Relationship? 
People deserve to find their happiness, regardless of the type of relationship they are in. Maybe some persons are not made to be in a monogamous relationship. How many divorced couples are there all over the globe? How many relationships are ruined because of infidelity? Why is monogamy better just because it is accepted by society? You can be in a polygamy relationship if you think that it can make you happy and you do not have to worry about what others will say. You can go online to search for polygamy dating sites and you should take the time to read the information available. 

Many people decide to change their lives when they become familiar with polygamy the way it is in today’s society, not the way it was hundreds of years ago. Women who are in such a relationship are not forced; they have the right to decide what is best for them, they have the right to choose their partner or partners and to make the life they want for themselves. There are people who will never accept polygamy and this is their problem.

What is polygamy? It is a different way of life, one where a marriage is between a man and more than one wife. You get to decide whether you would feel comfortable in such a relationship or not. You get to decide if a man with multiple ways can make you happy or not...not society. In fewer words, when it comes to relationships, it takes patience, commitment and hard work to make them work in the long run and this is the case for all relationships, be them monogamous or not. If you find polygamy appealing you should not hesitate to learn more about it and see whether you would like to give it a try or not.

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