What Are The Content Include In The Web Designing Course?

Web design used for the creating of the websites that are viewed or displayed on the internet. Earlier the web page is created for the desktop browsers. Now it is designed even for both tablets and mobile. A basic web design based on the 3 steps that the content, appearance, layout of the website. Every website has good contents and data without error and unique. Apperance means how your websites look, in terms of colours, font and images. And how the data are divided and structured into various categories refers to website layout. Some of the basic contents of the web page designing are as follows:

HTML, the hypertext markup language is one of the primary and most important languages for designing any websites. It is impossible to design the websites without adding properties of HTML. It is the basic key element for any web professional used to development of the website and web-based applications. Many of the program developer as well as business stakeholders prefer and add the Html while designing the web page over the other programming designing options. Html 5 is the updated and current version of the Html. With the help of the Html 5, we can develop the big application using the properties of Html 5 such as animations, video and audio players that runs on the search engine or browser.

Html is easy to learn and use.
Html code can be easily available to everyone and free of cost.
It supports all kinds of browsers and easy to understand.
It allows us to do changes like edit, create at any time as per the user requirements.

CSS, the cascading style sheet is the independents of the Html, which used for the presentation of the websites such as fonts, colour, layout. One of the major advantages of the CSS is that it allows accessing the properties of the CSS to different devices such as small or large systems, tablets, mobile etc. With the help of CSS, you can control complete website structure such as the colour of the content, style of the fonts, spacing among text, paragraph and images. Css3 is the latest version of the CSS.

CSS saves the spam of time: Once you have written the CSS code, then you can access and apply it multiple times to any web page you need.
CSS help to easy maintain an overall web page, simply change to the web page, then the website will automatically update.
It is the platform-independent and supports all the latest browsers.

Javascript is another logical programing language that used not only to modify the content of the websites but also makes to interact with the user's action. It focuses on the behaviour of the web page. Javascript is the more complicated language as compared to the Html, CSS. You can make the dynamic behaviour of the web page by adding javascript code. Confirmation boxes, calls-to-action, and adding new identities to the existing page's contents are involved in the javascript. It supports all the modern browsers that make more powerful and secure.

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