Vertical Wall Mount Rack Bracket: The Best Rack for Small Business

Many businesses only need a 1U server, a switch, router, and might not have enough space for a rack. Often this leads to the decision of purchasing a tower server which means they also buy a non-rack mount switch and router.
These are all excellent products to use, but it’s a bit harder to manage organizationally.
Usually, all of the networking equipment in a fast food restaurant is inside the manager’s office. These typically don’t have much space because the real-estate needs to be dedicated to food, workers, and customers.
Does rackmount equipment cost more?
The rack-mountable form factor doesn’t make your server faster, or necessarily cheaper. Still, pricing is relatively competitive.
Without considering the current sale, the rack mount server is about 9.3% more expensive. If you’re purchasing multiple servers the new cost compounds on itself and can become very significant, but you also would not be able to store as many in one rack. Purchasing additional racks can be even more costly.
How to mount the Vertical Wall Mount Rack Bracket?
Setup is easy enough. The bracket can be mounted on drywall with anchors or screwed directly into studs. Choosing where you set it up is what’s interesting.
Mixer/Amplifiers are usually light enough for their entire weight to be supported while mounted vertically under a desk. This means that you can install the bracket in an area that is convenient to access but still out of the way.
If you want to mount larger equipment horizontally, you’ll need to double down on the brackets. Full-sized servers should only be installed with four areas of support, meaning a bracket for the front and a bracket for the back. Using this method, as long as your desk is strong enough, you can have up to 4U of space to mount networking equipment.
When this equipment is mounted under the desk, it is effortless to route cables discreetly. The primary office computer is likely nearby, and if you need to route them through a wall, you can do so without wires being visible.
Mounting larger equipment with only one bracket is a breeze, but it might be more of a chore to manage cables. Whichever part of the wall you decide to place the IT equipment, it will likely be beneficial to have some zip ties or velcro straps to organize and direct cables.

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