Unexpected Foods That Can Cause Digestive Issues

What if I told you some of your favorite foods are the cause of your digestive issues? Through years of research and after evaluating thousands of clients symptoms and unique cases we have complied a list of unexpected food that can cause digestive issues. This list may surprise you.
1. The single most harmful food or trigger food you can eat is Yogurt. Yes, its the worst, and most people think it is healthy and contains many of the probiotics we need for proper gut health. This is one of the foods people mistake most often. Most name brands do not actually contain enough probiotics to be helpful and can do more harm than good.
2. The second harmful food or trigger food is Milk. It does not matter the variety; goat, cow, fresh, whole, raw and all fat or lactose content. It is bad. We do allow sweetened Almond milk on the diet.

3. The third unexpected food that can cause digestive issues is nut or seed butters. This included peanut butter. We do allow home-made peanut butter with no sugar, two tablespoons a day is okay.

4. Cottage cheese is the fourth unexpected food that you must avoid in order to improve your gut health and digestive disorder. We have found that the combination of proteins and carbs is harmful and makes this food a trigger food for most of our clients.

5. The last unexpected food to contribute to your digestive issues is sour cream. Similar to cottage cheese we have found thorough research that this food can contribute to flare-ups in many of our clients.

These foods cause more stomach acid to be produced than other foods. In thousands of cases, even those eating a diet focused on digestion (Pain Free Foods Catalyst Food Program) did not improve when they were eating some of these foods. If you love or are very attached to any of these, chances are, its part of your problem. Even if some of them feel soothing or good when you eat them because they are creamy or healthy the amount of acid they produce down the line causes damage. We have studied each of them extensively. Trust us: Stop eating them. The absolute worst is yogurt.

We may not know of every trigger food that exists in every area, and processed foods can meet trigger food requirements by containing equal amounts of carbohydrates and protein. If you find a food you suspect is a trigger food, and we have not grouped it for you on the eat out guide, avoid it as if it were a trigger food. You can always find the Pain Free Foods free digital download and more helpful information regarding the unexpected foods that lead to digestive problems for FREE at where you can download the complete eating program for digestive health.

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