Tips on Buying a Tennis Racket

Tennis lovers often find the best rackets of them. They believe rackets play an imperative role in making them comfortable. Also, beginners need to learn how to buy tennis rackets; thereby, they can feel perfect while playing. Thus, buying an ideal pair of tennis rackets is a puzzling decision which makes buyers always confused.

Following is the guide written by the experts assisting the buyers to buy the perfect tennis rackets:


Tennis rackets are available in different sizes between 240 grams and 310 grams.

Lightweight rackets are between 240-265 grams and offer great control, thus a good option of newbie's and juniors. 

Mid-weight rackets are between 270-295 grams. It offers a perfect combination of control and power. A good option for those who want to improve their game.

Heavy weight rackets are above + 300grams produce more power behind the ball. Also, it can help the player to maintain control in a faster swing.


Another tip should be used while buying a tennis racket is taking care of its head size. It is an actual hitting area of a tennis racket frame. Head size is mostly available in different sizes like 

Midplus 96-106 square inches

Oversize 10-115 square inches

Super oversize 116+ square inches 

The larger head size racket is mostly recommended for beginners who want to learn tennis. Experienced professional tennis players should buy midplus head size rackets. 


For an inexperienced player, head-heavy racket or power tennis racket is the best because they can play with a shortened swing and less strength. The fact is, swing along is not adequate to generate enough power. Thus a power racket can assist in improving a game.

For an experienced player, control rackets with headlight are preferable. These types of rackets have more weight in the handle. Thus they absorb more shock as compared to a lighter racket. Therefore, these sorts of rackets are a perfect choice for experienced players. 


For juniors, there are special types of racket sizes. Thus, the appropriate junior tennis racket size gives them the right strength and ability to the juniors.

For Age 6 and under Height under 119cm (under 3 ft 11 in.) buy a 17, 19 or 21-inch racket.

For Age 6 to 8 Height 119cm - 132cm (3 ft 11 in. to 4 ft 4 in.) buy a 23-inch racket.

For Age 8 to 10 Height 132cm - 142cm (4 ft 4 in. to 4 ft 8 in.) buy a 25-inch racket.

For Age 10 to 12 Height 142cm - 157.5cm (4 ft 8 in. to 5 ft 2 in.) buy a 26 inch racket.

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