The Overnight Sensation – Gurpreet Singh

From Kahiin to Hoga to Porus, Gurpreet Singh actor has made the transition together with his sheer hard work and enthusiasm. Excerpts from the meeting...

You became an overnight sensation as 'Sujal' in 'KahiinToHoga' after substituting Rajeev Khandelwal. How did the series contribute to your career?
When I not only learned a lot from that series but additionally shot to fame with this show. You can verbalize it as my milestone in the industry. I will always be thankful to EktaKapoor and Balaji Telefilms for providing me that part of SujalGarewal/Tushar.

How difficult is it to be part of a historic show like Porus?
I'd say it was satisfying. I had to learn several art forms, including sword fighting, scuba diving, and horse riding. I had to work on my body also. I relished it a lot. I was genuinely scared of water; however, I surmounted my fear when I jumped into the center of the sea during the contest sequence. I'm authentically impressed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary's adoption and creativity. He's so gifted and took the possibility of making this true show. I mystically enchanted I become part of his partnership. After optically discerning the outcome, I forgot all of the pain and problems that I had gone through during the shoot.

TV actors express your views.
Somehow that is the fact of this business. Nowadays, social websites are assisting us in staying inflow to an extent. TV folks are remembered more for their personalities. The amount of celebrities is growing daily. It's crucial to keep yourself grounded.

Gurpreet Singh,Will you ever do daring scenes on display?
Suppose it is Logical, decent, and mandatory for the story that I don't mind. As a celebrity, I'm always open to experimentation.

Do you think six-pack abs is a compulsion for TV actors?
Great looks are significant, but the gift is inevitable. In the long term, talent works for you, whereas the toned body is just an advantage.

From the Entertainment industry, relationships do not work out in many scenarios. What is your view concerning the expression, ‘Actors will be the narcissist'?
It's unfair to categorize each of the actors as the narcissist. Yes, I agree that lots of people desire success and are ready to pay for it. I understand a lot of them who have gone out of the way to help others.

Have you ever fall prey to casting couch in the industry?
Touchwood no! If it ever happens, I understand how to say. It's all about how you handle the circumstance.

Gurpreet Singh actor, What is your view about the shelf life of TV celebrities?
I think if your personality is a hit, people recognize you even after the show go off-air. Things have changed; now, the audience connects with you beyond TV on Social networking.

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