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Meet 32-year Older BhushanPradhan, a Marathi celebrity, which is all set to indicate his presence in the Bollywood industry soon. Ahead of his latest launch Re Raya, the ardent actor talks about his linking with theatre, modeling and Marathi TV sector is so near his heart.

BhushanPradhan, From television to silver screen, just how has become the journey?
It was A learning journey filled with WAO and low moments. With time I have realized what we call as'struggling period' from the initial years, it is always a prefix of each actor's life. The amusement industry is quite dynamic, and you will never know when things will change along with somebody else will take over the place. It's an unpredictable space.

BhushanPradhan, How and when acting happen to you?
It began at the age of 8 when I wasn't aware of what I love to do is called'acting'. And ever since I understood my passion for this, all of my activities have complied with the reason to achieve my objective. And after school, modeling came as a simple means to enter in the world of glamour. After that, I entered into the Marathi television business at age 24 and also did 'GheBharari', but the turning point of my profession was'Pinjara'. And after that, there was no looking back.

What do you love about your performances?
What I can never imagine to reside or feel like a normal person; this profession makes me feel and live those minutes. Additionally, while we all are struggling to understand ourselves, as an actor, I get to know so many iconic resides and then enacts them on display. The sense of gratification in doing all this is beyond imagination.

What Type of Preparations do you go through for your characters?
For me, it is essential to understand the nuances of this character, and then I attempt to watch and see a lot of the same genre and films that are near the subject. The concept is to realize the space in which the storyline is sketched, and also, it helps me understand exactly what the audience could expect from such personalities. If I don't feel satisfied with the digital details, I aim to visit the area or the individual to have a micro perspective. I guess it all lies in the degree of passion and dedication.

Bollywood has been everybody's dream. Are you in the league?
(Laughs) Touchwood my hard work has paid off, and before I thought of approaching people in Bollywood, they came me that was just like authentication to my job in Marathi film market. As an actor, such episodes give you a push to work harder.

There's also much inspiration game going on? How do you feel about the shift as a celebrity?
I know Individuals suffer from the inspiration game. As an actor, I think that it's all good. As an audience, what people see is just the subject and plot of the film. In reality, it is past the plot, and it includes an all-new set of expressions and emotions that make it a different project altogether. We need to rise above all controversies and watch a film as a standalone project that comes to life after so much hard work.

BhushanPradhan, are you currently a manager's actors or you put in your inputs also?
I put Within my attempts and then when the director contradicts and guides me, that is what I really love because it accentuates my vision and strategy to the personality. In addition, it helps me understand where there's a scope for improvement.

Can you read books on filmmaking and acting methods?
Obviously, I Do, and they help a lot. If you talk about any other talent, there is a pattern of 'riyaaz'. But in regards to behaving there is not any particular set of riyaaz. So, every actor finds his manner of polishing the abilities. The two books which have helped me a lot in the current times include 'The Power of the Actor', by Ivana Chubbuck and 'No Acting Please' by Eric Morris &Joan Hotchkis.

Is direction or production from the listing?
At present, I am enjoying the process of becoming an actor. Management and creation is a different ball game entirely. I would love to taste the flavor of both, but nothing planned yet.

What's the most memorable job so far, and why?
As an actor, every job is memorable because each role requires a different type of preparation. Things get nasty when projects get delayed, and you're stuck. That is when I feel suffocated and also the excitement of connecting with a project is lost. But I try to fail it with my optimism.

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