The Advantages of Direct Thermal Labels

Thermal labels are highly used in many industries and people need them for barcodes and other specifications. People have to choose between thermal transfer labels and direct thermal labels and each of them has their set of features. It is important to get to know a little about every type to be able to choose accordingly. Knowing the facts helps take the right decision and as a business owner, you need to find cost effective solutions, including saving valuable time. 

What Are Direct Thermal Labels 

Direct thermal labels are a distinctive type of labels, cost-effective, made with a specific printing process. They are an excellent choice for barcode applications, used in the ecommerce industry, for shipping and mailing, distribution, and many more. There are some key points to consider, such as the lack of need for toner, ink, or ribbon, maintenance is low, the printers are more affordable. However, the color limitation exists, and, in some cases, it is possible to print only in black and white. It depends on each specialist and what it has to offer. 

Modern printers out there are capable to print direct thermal and thermal transfer, so that you can choose the desired type and you can even switch between them based on the needed application. Direct thermal printing can create images in red and black, because heat is applied at two temperatures. The materials used in the process are chemically treated and heat-sensitive, and there is no ink or toner. Business owners and professionals have the possibility to use the services of a specialized company for all printing needs, so they don’t have to worry about labels and how to obtain them. 

Why Thermal Transfer Labels 

Information can be quickly printed exactly where it is desired on thermal transfer labels . Various materials are involved in the process, depending on what each person desires. Some of them are glossy or matte, while others metalized, transparent or white. Labels in this category maintain their color and do not turn black during the heating process. They are also resistant to sunlight, moisture, and tearing. It is best to find the right printing solutions and decide based on the materials you sell, how long do labels need to resist on products, to what conditions they will be exposed, and more. 

Printing thermal labels is usually possible mainly in black color, but with these transfer labels there are many more opportunities. It all depends on the color of ribbon. Some labels should be more appealing, to attract consumers’ attention. They should be able to find products from a specific brand easier, especially when looking through shelves. The function of advertising is thus met. Labels need to be functional, but sometimes aesthetical as well and business owners need to take into consideration all factors and invest in more visible labels if they will be applied on products that reach shelves directly. 

Labels are indispensable nowadays and you often see them on every product on the market. Some of them are used for identification, for barcodes, to establish their location in the warehouse, manufacture and expiry dates, batches, and more. Dairy, meat, and poultry products have been using direct thermal labels  for many years, but the improvements made in thermal papers in recent years and in printers, made the technology more suitable for a variety of other products. Some of the most popular applications include:
•    Event tickets 
•    Coupons
•    Barcodes for shipping labels 
•    Ticket printing
•    Name tags
•    Many others 

Direct thermal labels are cost effective, because they are printed on continuous sheets or reels. Simple labels are created in large quantities and it is important to note that they are more environmentally friendly, because they use no thermal ribbon. The printers are more cost effective to run as well, and they help reduce waste and shipping weight. Plenty of time is saved considering there is no need for someone to monitor and reload ribbons. Companies working in this field are able to offer great results and great prices.

Even through they have so many advantages in their favor, it is important to note that direct thermal labels are not suitable for situations where labels have to resist for years to come or face harsh environments. They are sensitive to heavy contact, light, and heat, and on long term they can fade away. However, direct thermal printers are more durable than laser or dot matrix models, which means they can be used for office and industrial applications. Businesses that don’t want to make investments in this sector can easily choose the services of specialized companies and have labels shipped directly to them. 

Why Use Thermal Transfer Printers 
Thermal transfer labels have many advantages and people prefer them also because of the features provided by thermal transfer printers. The images on labels are high-quality, they are more reliable and long-lasting. Barcodes are created in milliseconds and it is possible to import images, text, and barcodes easily from a laptop or computer because many of them are Windows compatible. 

In case you don’t know how to obtain thermal transfer labels, it is possible to discuss with companies specialized in the field and they will do the work on your behalf. You can easily point out what type of labels you need, the size, material desired, and other specifications, and specialists will develop them for you. After the final design is made, you can easily print labels on your printer and use them for your products. 

You need to mention some information for thermal transfer labels, to rely on their assistance and have the guarantee that labels will turn out as expected. For instance, what type of printer do you have, desktop one or industrial? Also, do you want to stick the label permanently on products or you want removable labels? These are important considerations and will help specialists develop the right labels. In case you need a bigger quantity, you can also obtain a better price, as discounts are provided when you order in bulk. There are many solutions available on the market that will help your business grow.

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