Telemedicine App Development, Costs and More!

As far as innovations in technology go, the pace of development has been enlightening for a number of sectors. The healthcare sector is one such domain where the scenario has drastically changed over the last few years, more so after the world got introduced to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telemedicine app development amidst the coronavirus has seen a meteoric rise and has completely changed the way in which healthcare is provided to patients all over the world. Providing virtual healthcare to patients is now on the priority list of multiple healthcare companies.

This is the main reason why investing in a telemedicine app can prove to be a great decision. Despite the rise in development processes, the sector as a whole is still untapped, which translates into a great opportunity.

Great telemedicine solutions are acting as a bridge between healthcare systems, doctors, and patients. Patients can stay right in their homes and easily get connected with healthcare providers through virtual means like video calling, digital prescriptions, sharing of medical data, and more.

Telemedicine Apps- Involved Technologies
While every app is a sophisticated bundle of the most optimum technologies suited for the perfect functionality, the technologies of telehealth software include a great combination of some latest platforms.
• Big Data
Healthcare involves the collection of large amounts of data. Through Big Data, complex computations can be done without too much fuss. Furthermore, the information can be used to provide better diagnoses and better medical researches too, leading to cost reduction.

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Chatbots, machine learning, language processing and voice recognition, the inclusion of AI lends an absolutely new perspective to telemedicine apps.

• IoT
Internet of Things in medical stores, tablets, smartwatches, cameras, and more. With this combination of hardware and software, it becomes much easier to provide better care for patients via telemedicine app development.

Technology Stack for Telemedicine App Development
To develop a telemedicine app, other than the technologies, the tools of these technologies also matter a lot. Programming languages, cloud storage and third-party tools are all employed for a great telemedicine app.

• Back-end development
Programming language- Node.js
Video conferencing- Twilio, RTMP, WebRTC
Chat- Twilio,
Database- MySQL
APIs- Stripe, S3, EC2

• Languages used for programming
Android- Java, Kotlin
iOS- Swift

• Tools
Mailing- Elastic Emails
Search filters- Elastic search
Notifications- Firebase Cloud Messaging
Geographical Tagging- Google Maps

Telemedicine App Development Cost
Deciding and knowing about telemedicine apps and its technicalities is one thing, having a complete idea about costs involved is something else altogether. What is important to note is that the costs are not just confined to app creation, but also spread ahead to app promotion and distribution as well.

If you are associated with a reputed telemedicine app development company, the very first app version for one platform can range somewhere between $60,000 to $100,000. But again, these costs can vary and highly depend on the kind of functionality that is being aimed at.

The biggest key here to find something new that can be offered within your particular telehealth app. If at the core, there is something truly innovative that users can look forward to, it will be easier to gain a loyal user base without a doubt.

Telemedicine App Key Features
While a reputed app development company will surely know to incorporate the best features, here are some of those features that are absolutely integral to a great telemedicine app-

• A great, interactive interface.
• Easy and accurate filters for better searches.
• Immaculate audio and video call quality.
• Safe payment gateway.
• Secure storage of patient databases.

These are the most basic features that have to be there in your telehealth app no matter what. As far as professional services go in the development of such a comprehensive and cutting-edge app, Consagous Technologies is your one-stop mobile app development company for a completely brilliant app and satisfaction.

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