Select the Right Human Hair Lace Front Wigs For Any Face Type

Throughout ages, women have been using human hair wigs to add volume and shine to their hair. Human hair lace front wigs are a new addition to this niche. With lace on the front, they allow the wearer more style options and negates the necessity of bangs. But choosing the perfect wig for any face shape requires careful thought. No face in the world is a perfect heart, oval, or square. Faces are a combination of various shapes. Some may have larger noses, wider foreheads, and so on.

Still, certain things about a person's face can stand out more than other features. So, here are some suggestions on the best human hair lace front wigs for every specific face shape.

How To Find Face Shape

As said, faces are a complex combination of various geometries. However, by checking out the bone structure, they can be grouped into some broad categories. Face shapes can be square, rectangle, oblong, oval, triangle, round, or heart. Here are some suggestions for the most common face shapes found around the world.

Oval Face

This is usually considered as an ideal face shape since no specific feature dominates the look. Women with oval faces can opt for any look! Almost all styles are highly suited for them. They can go for wigs that stand away from the face and thus accentuate its shape. Human hair lace front wigs are an ideal choice since they can be parted away from the face.

Square Faces

Square jaw-lines can be softened by adding beach waves or curls. Wigs can be styled in any way using a curling iron. As long as they are properly taken care of, they can be easily subjected to some styling heat. A layered cut or fringes will also suit square faces.

Round Faces

Women with round faces usually look to create an impression of a longer face. For this, they can opt for wigs that are fuller near the forehead or crown and flatter near the ears. Longer bobs are an ideal choice for those with round faces. Having wigs with long hair will also suit them.

Oblong Faces

Women with longer faces can either opt for a wig that can be pulled into a high ponytail, or they can opt for shorter hairstyles. Short wigs like bobs will make the entire face appear smaller and give the impression of a more oval shape.

Identifying the correct face style is important to decide the right wig style that will suit it. Despite these suggestions, everyone should experiment more to find out what suits them best!

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