Renovation During Rainy Season

Planning a renovation in the rainy season? Well unplanned renovation during the rainy season can lead to real chaos. Waiting for the rainy season to get over to resume renovation work might be delaying the course of work. What’s the solution for continuing renovation during the rainy season? Here is a blog post by Quality Plus LLC guiding how to continue renovation during rainy season without major loss or damage:

Manage Water Usage

Due to increase in humidity levels, sand and cement tends to be wetter during the rainy season. Quality Plus LLC, a reputed commercial construction company in Orlando thereby recommends using admixture. Using admixture in sand-cement to be used in the renovation work helps to balance the humidity levels.

Among construction companies in Orlando, Quality Plus LLC is a popular choice.

Use Waterproof Admixtures

When choosing to buy admixture for renovation projects during the rainy season, opt for hydrophilic crystalline admixture only. Hydrophilic crystalline admixture in reaction with water forms calcium silicate crystals that prevents micro cracks and pores in the concrete.

Quality Plus LLC is a residential construction company in Orlando, Florida.

Use Heavy Nets and Plastic Tarpaulin

Wind and rain often cause bleeding during renovation projects leading to damage and shrinkage cracks. The solution is to use construction nets in order to minimize the repercussions. Nets particularly help when pouring concrete. Plastic tarpaulins and rainproof covers can also be used to protect steel structures from rain and storm.

Among residential construction companies in Florida, Quality Plus LLC is the best choice.

Safety of Employees

During course of renovation work in rainy season, ample safety measures should be taken for

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