Recipes that can be cooked using Wheat Dalia

Recipes you can make with Wheat Dalia/ Wheat Dalia - one name, many recipes

Wheat Dalia is known by different names in different parts of the country. It is commonly known as Broken Wheat or Cracked Wheat, but also goes by the name Bulgar Wheat, Burghul, Fada, Lapsi, and Couscous. It is made by crushing whole wheat grains.

There are over 1000 recipes one can make with wheat dalia, and we bet that there’s at least one recipe you have probably tried. Today, we have handpicked our favourite wheat dalia recipes that you must try!

Wheat Dalia Upma:
This is our top favourite recipe. It’s easy to cook and extremely healthy too. This recipe is completely customisable to your liking. You can add veggies and make it spicy, or make it sweet by adding in some fruits and a spoonful of sugar. However you like it, this is a power packed breakfast for everyone.

Wheat Dalia Pancakes:
Wheat dalia is considered to be high in nutrition and protein. This easy to make meal is said to be good for digestion and is recommended to women during pregnancy. Adding curd to these pancakes will also provide the calcium your body needs.

Wheat Dalia Khichdi:
You can substitute rice with wheat dalia in your khichdi to make it healthy and super tasty too. Wheat dalia has no cholesterol at all and provides calcium, folic acid, fibre, and iron among many more nutrients. Wheat dalia khichdi made with some boiled vegetables is perfect for weight-watchers.

Wheat Dalia Adai:
Wheat dalia Adai is a very famous breakfast dish in different regions of south India. This dosa-like snack is made from a batter of wheat dalia, lentils, chillies, salt and pepper. It is diabetic-friendly and leaves behind a very distinct taste.

Wheat Dalia Sheera:
Just like every meal is incomplete without a dessert, our list too will remain incomplete if we don’t add one of the most popular Gujarati sweets made from wheat dalia - Sheera, to the list. Sheera is a very appealing sweet dish which is made by roasting wheat dalia in ghee, sugar and cardamom powder. The intense aroma and rich flavour of this dish will leave you asking for more.

Which one of these have you tried and loved? If you haven’t tried these and are looking for wheat dalia, you can get some right here at Organic Tattva.

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