Questions to Ask Your Eyelash Extension Supplier

Before you give your approval to the eyelash extension supplier, there are a few questions that you must ask them. You might have full knowledge of eyelash extensions. But there are a few things that you must check in a supplier for eyelash extensions.

Things to Check in an Eyelash Extension Vendor

Ask if they Have Product Reviews

Before you shortlist the suppliers, always check through their product review part. There would be a few good product reviews. But you must scroll through the bad reviews as well. The bad reviews can save you from wrong purchases. Always see if the product eyelash extensions that you are buying matches the description given online. Product reviews are the only best way to know if the quality of the eyelash extension supplier is good or not.

Ask if they Own Any Social Media Accounts

The eyelash extensions might look good online. But once you purchase them, they might turn out to be something different. The only best way to avoid mishaps is to check their respective social media pages. Many eyelash extension suppliers offer styling services. Go through the images. Watch the live videos and see what the followers have to say. This way you can have a good understanding of the products.

Ask if they Have a Blog Where They Share Exciting and Relevant Information

A brilliant way for you to understand about the supplier is through their blog. Reading the blogs will never disappoint you. A well-written blog would imply that the supplier prioritizes its customers. And that they also want to build an offline relationship with the customers. Just go the extra mile and make an effort to browse through their blogs to understand their products.

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