Quality Tennis Shoes - A Guide for Buyers -

Tennis is always an eye-catching game. Buyers believe that a right racket gives excellent innings. But, tennis shoes also play an imperative role. These assist in making the players play their innings comfortably. Not only beginners need to wear quality tennis shoes, but experienced players also need to wear perfect tennis shoes.

Being going to buy tennis shoes, buyers must take care of the following guide:

Tennis shoe vs. Other Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are not perfect for playing tennis. Although these are lighter and made for playing purposes, tennis shoes have some more features. Tennis shoes provide optimal support and also have a sturdy design which helps to move the players freely and quickly. 

Foot Type

Tennis players also need to be aware of foot type. The better foot type they will have, the better they will play. Basically, there are three-foot types which are written below:

Pronated: Players having pronated feet notice excessive shoe wear on the inside area just near the balls of the feet. If you are coming in this category, then you must find shoes with high-quality lateral support to prevent any injuries to your ankles and knees. 

Supinated: When you notice your shoes are worn down on the outside of the forefoot and heel, then you may have supinated feet. Players coming in this category must wear shoes with greater flexibility and shock absorption.

Court Surfaces

While choosing the best tennis shoes, buyers’ local tennis courts play a significant factor. Like a tennis ball, shoes too have court surface like grass, clay and hard:

Hard Courts: Hard-court tennis shoes are mostly non-designed to avoid scuffing the surface. It has shock absorption and cushioning to get support and comfort.

Grass Courts: Grass-court tennis shoes are designed to prevent damage to the court. Also, it has a patterned nub sole which gives improved traction on slippery grass. Moreover, such sorts of courts are made from synthetic and mesh combinations.

Clay Courts: Clay courts are considered much softer than hard courts. Clay-court tennis shoes are composed of synthetic uppers, which offers a grip that is still perfect for sliding, and also available in a lighter weight that permits to maintain speed and also improved maneuverability.

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