Problem Behaviors That Undermine the Best Relationships

Here are some problems that undermine the best relationship. You can make your relation strong by avoiding these problems:
Excessive use of alcohol, drugs etc:
The excessive use of alcohol, drugs, gambling or anything else, it leads to behavior that makes a person unreliable. If you are addicted to drugs, then feeding the addiction will always come first, nor the partner.
Trust is the foundation of the relationship. It is the key component of every relation that makes the relation strong. Honest partners can make life happy. If one's trust breaks, then it will undermine the best relationship.
It is not good to lie in the relationship. It can destroy the foundation of the relationship. You make a mistake then accept that mistake and apologize for that.
Lack of respect:
Respect is very important in a relationship even if it is more important than love. If you have no respect, then your relationship will be undermined.
Explosive anger:
Too much anger can undermine the relationship. You have to be humble even in difficult moments.
Lack of patience:
You have to bear many things in relation. Your excessive argument on every issue can undermine the relationship. That’s why patience is the best option to keep your relationship strong.
Bad manners:
If you want to keep your relationship strong then you have to make your manners good. The bad manners can destroy the relationship. Your rude behavior may destroy the relationship.
Inability to show kindness, caring and support:
Kindness, care and supportive behavior can make the relationship strong. If you do not have these qualities then, this behavior can undermine the relationship. Your caring behavior for your partner may make the relationship strong.
Constant judgment:
Judging the partner goes away from us. It is one of the most fundamental betrayals of trust.
Not have a meal together:
When you have not eaten with your partner then he thought that you didn’t care for him. This type of behavior undermines the relationship.
Argue on same thing all the time:
Arguing all the time can destroy the relationship. You have not to discuss the same thing again and again.
Failing to understand each other:
It is very important to know each other to make the relationship strong. Misunderstanding may ruin the relationship.
Criticizing everything:
There is the big difference between advice and criticizing. Your partner can be very different from you. So, don’t try to criticize him for every action. You have to bear many things.
Violence is one of the factors that cause a relationship to undermine. It is also unacceptable both socially and religiously. It can be overcome by careful counseling of the person but only if he is willing to get that point of some outsider.
Being jealous:
It shows possessiveness sometimes so it seems cute in that case. But on the other end of the picture it leads to superiority or inferiority complex or being overprotective that can cause problems. It’s better to have a firm belief in your partner and enjoy his or her status together by considering each other the better half.

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