Privacy Compromised A look into the world of CCTV- Mannai Networking & ELV

We are living in the digital age, privacy used to be a matter of the past. Now there are CCTV cameras watching you in every nook and corner. Let it be a theatre or supermarket, if there are no CCTV cameras there, that place will lose its credibility. Mannai IT Solutions, a pioneer in digital transformation looks into both sides of this phenomenon.

Before talking about the negatives, let’s analyse and look a bit into the pros of the same issue. CCTV CAMERAS are watching you, but that also means that they are watching you for the good. In less crowded alleys and neighbourhoods, CCTV Surveillance are of great help. The number of crimes reduced because of the same CCTV Systems are a lot.

If you are still pondering over what is cctv, it can be simply summarised as closed-circuit television or the transmit of video signals to any specific place. At the same time, it’s not just crimes that have been caught by CCTV Security, even terrorist attacks have been easily tracked and disassembled because of the CCTV features installed in different nooks and corners of every city and town. Hence, CCTV can be both a guardian and pure evil- depending on who is accessing it.

Mannai Integrated IT Solutions warns you of the privacy compromising issues that can arise because of CCTV. CCTV access can be hacked by different people or organisations and can be used to look into your personal and professional life. This is the most dangerous part of CCTV cameras, though this is not an everyday issue, it has its own negatives. Wherever you go, you are being followed.

Many employees from around the world have reported that their privacy has been breached because of CCTV security issues. Employers around the world have made use of the same technology to watch every movement of their employees with CCTV surveillance. Though certain actions were done with a positive integrity, many such scandals have been taken to courts and glamorized by paparazzi. The feeling that you are constantly being watched through cameras would decrease and diminish your work productivity, which in turn will negatively affect the firm.

Mannai Integrated IT solutions warns of different criteria to look into before setting up CCTV security in offices. IT should never be done in a way that will hinder the work productivity and personal space of Employees. Though CCTV cameras have breached our personal and professional spaces, the positives outweigh the negatives. Now the world is watching over itself just because of these tiny gadgets. We have better security guaranteed. Even then, looking at the breach that is done to our personal and professional life because of cameras, we might cringe a bit, but then, it can also be perceived as the price that we have to pay for the security we asked for.

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