Lunchtime procedures with skin soul clinic

Working nine to five if you’re lucky is a tedious, stress-inducing grind of an existence, which leaves little to no quality “me” time. “Me” time is extremely important for your health and beauty.
Skin rejuvenation procedures for busy professionals who simply cannot afford to have any downtime. “Lunch time” procedures become extremely popular in metropolitan areas where people can have a quick treatment during their lunch break.
Great, now that we’ve gotten these important facts out of the way, let’s talk, because there are fantastic new beauty treatments and procedures you can effortlessly sneak into a busy workday.
Instead, we’re going to introduce you to quick beauty treatments you either a) didn’t know existed or b) dismissed, presuming such a treatment would take up your entire precious weekend.
Under-eye circle treatment.
Congealer not cutting it? Tired of looking like the workaholic you not-so-secretly are? Well, until recently, there were limited options for serious under-eye circles. We at skin soul use dermal fillers like Juvederm ultra to correct the problem, and the “results are quite extraordinary,
Tiered looking eye
Aqua eye rejuvenation is the answer, where we use hydra jet therapy to infuse hydration back into the deeper layers giving your eyes their youthful feel
Dull, dehydrated face we can correct it with a 30 minute mesotherapy where we infuse the essential molecules which can restore the health back into your skin
Pigmenatated mature face
Have a party to attend in the evening- no problem
We at skin soul offer you latest cutting edge technology laser, known as skin miracle laser- which lightening brightens tightens your skin in less than 30 minutes, no redness, no swelling, no downtime, no restriction
Under 30 minutes one can be party ready with glowing youthful skin – according to me healthy skin is your best accessory
Antiaging treatments
Those ugly wrinkles bothering you, you have an important meeting or a date coming up
We at skin soul offer us FDA approved, safe and effective treatment for those worry lines
Silk peel facial:
A new skin procedure that features diamond-assisted microdermabrasion claims to address patient-specific skin conditions in 20 minutes.
It’s being touted as celebrities’ “pre-oscar facial miracle” due to its ability to brighten skin and fade dark spots caused by the sun, acne, aging, and environmental aggressors and is now offered by us at skin soul.
Laser hair reduction
When we think of laser hair reduction, we think off time taken, pain, effects
We at skin soul have the latest fastest diode pain free laser hair reduction, where one can get entire full body laser hair reduction done in less than 2 hours and to its added bonus to completely pain free and very safe for Indian skin tones
So what are you waiting for, now it takes less than 30 minute for a beautiful healthy, vibrant skin?
Effects are long lasting, safe and doesn’t consume time
Book your next appointment, commit to your skin
Dr. Sneh Thadani
(Skin soul clinic, Vashi Navi Mumbai.)

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