Looking for a New Router? Here Are 3 Thing You Should Absolutely Consider

Buying a wifi router doesn’t look like a daunting task, unless you deep dive into the market and check out the options available. At some point in time, you might be overwhelmed looking at the technical specifications and features such as parental control, etc, that advanced routers come with. So, how do you narrow down the search? We list 3 factors you must consider. Here you go.

Don’t get carried away by speed ratings
Speed ratings on the box are nothing more than a myth. Figures such as AX6000 and AC1200 tell the version of wifi the router supports. While AX means Wi-Fi 6, AC means Wi-fi 5. These numbers give you an idea of the combined speeds of the router bands that are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

While the numbers look promising, the underlying issue is that your router can connect to only one of the two bands at a time. The speed ratings mentioned in most boxes is a combination of speeds of both the bands. Another factor is that these top speeds are derived after laboratory tests in the most ideal scenarios. Physical obstruction, congestion, distance are some of the factors that aren’t even considered during laboratory tests.

Your Internet plan sets the speed limit
If your Internet connection allows a speed of 50 Mbps, irrespective of how fast router you buy, you can never get a speed beyond 50Mbps. Don’t consider this as the sole reason to keep fast speed routers out of your checklist. A powerful router lets you get the maximum output from the Internet connection, especially when you are closer to the network.

Pay attention to network coverage
If you are working in the same room where the wifi router is kept and the speed is awesome, it doesn’t mean that the Internet connection is superfast. Such speed doesn’t matter if you can’t stream a movie uninterruptedly in another room. The network coverage of wifi router should be a major point of concern for homeowners. If the router delivers weak signals, it makes sense to install mesh systems so that the Internet reaches every corner of your house.

Last Few Words
A wi-fi router is something that we do not change often. It is, therefore, vital to do your bit of research and make a choice carefully. There are several options available in the market, which can be overwhelming. Read reviews, check for wifi router parental control features, and compare the router with other options available. For more details visit our website

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