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The precursor to all great and bold things is one of the most traumatic and toughest experiences of life.It is natural to feel intimidated by the additional grovelling that is expected from students for there is no scope of being under prepared in the board examination. The excruciating pressure felt by students is once in a lifetime experience. However, class 11 is even more excruciating for there is a sudden change in the way students tend to approach academics. Fresh out of Class 10 boards, Class 11 seems like a rude shock which is all set to shock and surprise students. While it is easy to find sample papers and model papers for most board classes, it becomes inherently difficult to find authentic and reliable study material for this particular class. Be it Science or humanities, it seems like every relevant search has gone out for a vacation, however when it comes to Commerce and it's crisp subjects, the search seems to evolve into a Herculean task for there are hardly any relevant platforms which know the importance of accumulating all the needed study materials for preparation. Accountancy is an extremely important subject in Commerce, which tests the accuracy of students and works heavily on their concentration. The subject requires students to apply the concepts they have learnt throughout the year, with a precise technique or methodology which will provide them with the correct answer. While this seems like a tough venture for the continuous want of focus and other needs, it goes without saying that there are platforms which understand the necessity to gain knowledge from a wide range of sources and get the desired exposure before facing any big exam. Through Extramarks Exam App students can get a better idea of the questions that might come in the examination through the various ICSE Model paper class 11 Accountancy, ICSE Accountancy Sample Paper for Class 11, ICSE Class 11 Accountancy Question Paper. Practice sample papers as per your convenience.These useful study materials have been curated by our experts who understand the importance of quality studying for students and are present throughout to clarify any doubts that may crop up. Install the app now to gain access to the latest ICSE Model paper class 11 Accountancy, ICSE Accountancy Sample Paper for Class 11, ICSE Class 11 Accountancy Question Paper and delve into the world of smart studying.

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