Learn all About Brazilian Hair Extensions and Human Hair Wigs

For long, Brazilian hair wigs and extensions have been a coveted item. Brazilian hair is textured, lustrous and thick. They have strong cuticles and are aligned. This means it is less likely to get tangled or break. They can also be subjected to many styling. They are less prone to damage from styling than other hairstyles. It has a natural shine and can suit women of any ethnicities.
It mainly comes in darker shades of brown and black. They can last for a long time. With good maintenance, a Brazilian wig can easily last a year! Here's everything one might need to know to take care of a Brazilian wig or extensions.

  • How To Take Care of Brazilian Hair Wigs and Extensions?
    It is always best to leave the styling to the stylists. Applying heat, gel or mousse to hair can damage it in the long term. Hence, they should be done irregularly. The wig should be properly washed and dried after that. Drying can be done with a towel or it can be left to dry in the shade. Virgin Brazilian hair has a shiny look because it has never received any chemical treatment.

  • How To Choose the Best Brazilian Wig or Extension?
    It is best to go for natural, untreated hair. However, for those looking for streaks of colour, this will not be possible. Try to keep the number of chemical processes to a minimum. One can even opt for a customised style.

  • Where To Buy Brazilian Wigs and Extensions?
    It is best to buy such wigs from proper dealers to ensure good quality and assurance of Remy or virgin hair. Always ask to see small samples before settling for the product. Brazilian hair comes in many textures and shades. They can be naturally wavy, straight or curly. Choose the one that suits you best.

  • How To Style Brazilian Wigs and Extensions? 
    Wearers of Brazilian hair wigs will not have to style and restyle it often. The thick texture is known to hold curls well. It can retain the shape for a long time. The extensions usually have a tapering bottom. So, the buyer can opt for cutting or trimming in any way that suits them.

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