Is Organic White Basmati Rice better than White Rice?

Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza glaberrima or Oryza sativa. For a large part of the world, especially Asian and African countries, rice is considered as a common staple. While there are said to be over 40000 varieties of rice, we are here to debate on why Organic White Basmati Rice is better than Regular White Rice.

1.Distinct flavour:
Unlike regular white rice, basmati long-grain rice is grown on the foothills of the Himalayas, and is served with various curries, or as the main ingredient in classic biryani. Basmati rice has a distinct nutty flavour which is very similar to that of jasmine rice. Basmati rice is said to be the longest grains of any rice, and is known for lengthening during cooking. It is also extremely narrow and pointy rather than rounded or have stubby ends.

2.Lighter and fluffier:
Basmati rice generally goes through a two year ageing process, to dry it as much as possible and help retain its aromas and flavours. Basmati rice must be fluffy and separate, rather than clumped together. Which is why, you must never soak basmati rice before cooking it, as it will lose all its flavours and fluffiness. Although you must rinse the basmati rice before cooking it as it will help get rid of all the starch.

Both, basmati rice and regular white rice just like any other rice have a brown version. The white version is produced by removing the outer husk or covering of each grain.

Why choose Organic Basmati Rice?
Rice loses its nutrients and fiber content when it is refined, and organic basmati rice is grown without artificial colorings, preservatives, flavoring etc. while conventional rice uses them invariably.

Organic basmati rice is said to be more nutritious, safe to consume, and tastier than regular white rice. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch today and eat healthy, live healthy. You can find organic long-grain basmati rice at Organic Tattva.

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