Indian Chaat now available in Orlando!

For those who love Indian food or Indians in Orlando, often tend to look for chaat. Chaat is a popular Indian snack that can also be eaten as an appetizer. Usually there are many flavors in a chaat with tanginess dominating it. There are different types of chaat. In Orlando, it is only one exclusive Indian restaurant named Mynt that serves chaat of different kinds. In this blog the Mynt lists the varieties of chaat available in its menu. Indians living in Florida and wanting to try some delicious Indian chaat in Orlando must try chaat at Mynt offering best Indian fine dining in Orlando. Among restaurants in Winter Park, Florida, Orlando, it is only at Mynt that you can relish and experience the following types of scrumptious Indian chaat:

Palak Chaat

If looking for a healthy chaat alternative in Orlando, then Palak Chaat is the option. Palak Chaat contains yoghurt, gram flour, spinach and mint chutney with lots of Indian spices.

Samosa Chaat

Mynt serves Samosa Chaat composed of stuffed potatoes, yoghurt, Indian spices, mint sauce and vegetables. Samosa is the star attraction in this chaat variant. Samosa is a deep fried Indian delicacy that is further combined with rest of the ingredients to make a delightful palate of samosa chaat. If wanting to try only Samosa, you can get that at Mynt, Orlando only,

Mynt is the best Indian restaurant in Florida.

PaniPuri Shooters

In the chaat section of Mynt menu, foodies must try PaniPuri Shooters. PaniPuri is a very popular Indian dish. It is a deep fried ball stuffed with veggie filling and served with tangy tamarind water. One plate of panipuri shooters at Mynt is very filling, tasty and looks Instagram-worthy. Don’t miss PaniPuri Shooters at Mynt when trying Indian food in Florida, Orlando.

Mynt is a buffet indian restaurant in Florida.

Chinese Bhel

The third in the list of Indian chaats now available in Orlando is Chinese Bhel. This one has noodles, veggies, loads of seasoning and spices. Its very tasty and filling. Chinese Bhel at Mynt costs around $7 per plate. Among chaats served at Mynt, Orlando, Chinese Bhel is a popular one.

If you are an Indian living in Orlando or just craving for some Indian food in Florida, Orlando, Mynt is the food heaven you must try

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