Important Facts About Bethanechol Chloride Medical Dosage Including Side Effects

Bethanechol Chloride available in generic form is a cholinergic agent. Bethanechol Chloride is white in color, freely soluble in water and has a slight anime-like aroma. In this blog by Viralii, a pharmaceutical company located in Gujarat, let’s quickly learn 5 important facts about Bethanechol Chloride medical dosage including side effects.

When to consume Bethanechol Chloride medicine?

Bethanechol Chloride medicine should be consumed in an empty stomach. After taking Bethanechol Chloride medicine, make sure you do not eat anything in the next 1-2 hours. For best results, it is better to take Bethanechol Chloride at the same watch time every day. Taking Bethanechol Chloride medication after food increases chances of side effects.

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What is the dose of Bethanechol Chloride medicine?

Bethanechol chloride medicine is usually available in strength of 5mg – 50mg. Based on your doctor prescription, get the right strength of your Bethanechol chloride medication. Doctors may also advice to take Bethanechol Chloride medicine 3-4 times per day. Always store Bethanechol Chloride medicine in air tight containers only.

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What are the side effects of Bethanechol Chloride medication?

Bethanechol Chloride medication might lead to mild effects like sweating, flushing, diarrhea, headache, slow heartbeat, vomiting, watery eyes, drowsiness and dizziness. If the side effect is major and unbearable, please seek doctor advice immediately. However, side effects of Bethanechol Cholride medicine happens on first dosage only, If no reactions happen on first dose of Bethanechol chloride, it can be considered safe.

What are the drug interactions of Bethanechol Chloride medication?

Only patients under ganglion medication must avoid Bethanechol Chloride medicines. If patient with ganglion medication take Bethanechol Cholride medication, it may lead to critical blood pressure problems.

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