How to avoid stomach disease during Covid 19

Well these are trying times. Covid 19 is ravaging our country. Politics is also stressful but if you already have a digestive issue. you do not want to have the Covid 19 virus on top of that. This article has only one purpose; teaching you how to avoid stomach disease during Covid 19.

The Covid 19 virus seems to be lethal to about 2% of the general population but much higher in pre-existing condition and older folks. Rachel is in the type one diabetes group so despite her young age (30), she has many times the chance of the Covid 19 virus begin lethal to her. I am 63 at this writing, and have high blood pressure so likewise my chance of a lethal outcome are much higher than average. This is why Rachel and I are focused on avoiding stomach disease during the Covid 19 epidemic. Do you know where you fit in?

In general, people with digestive disorders are not counted as having pre-existing conditions. This is because doctors and disease specialists do not consider the fact that almost everyone with a digestive disorder also has a compromised immune system. If you have a digestive disorder, you need to know why you are more at risk for serious complications with Covid than those that do not.

Acid/low pH, kill bacteria. More importantly, it kills the beneficial bacteria in your gut which make up over 75% of your immune system. If you have already had stomach disease symptoms such as bloating, reflux, heartburn regularly, or a diagnosed digestive disorder such as diverticulitis, colitis, or Crohns, you almost certainly have a compromised immune system.

It is this one complication that makes it urgent for you (and Rachel and I) to follow the Catalyst Food Avoidance eating plan which eliminates the beneficial bacteria kill-off you are now probably experiencing. The great thing is that Rachel runs Rachels Tea (the only website dedicated to helping those with digestive disorders) like a family business (because it is). The simple antacid diet or if you rather… supplements for symptom solving are all there too. The critical information is free if you are ok reading it on the website.

Everything you need to reduce stomach acid, reduce or eliminate symptoms and to teach you how to avoid stomach disease during Covid 19 is available at There is even a multi thousand member, free Facebook group where you can get everyones tips and tricks to eat safely, reduce symptoms and build your immune system back up. The family has been helping people with stomach

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