How do you heal your gut lining naturally?

Suffering from gastrointestinal problems is difficult. The entire digestive tract can be affected by stress, the foods we eat, alcohol, medications, and bacteria. The simple truth is there is no easy quick fix to heal your gut lining naturally and for many people, it is very important to heal their bodies in the most natural way possible. This is why the Pain Free Foods program was developed, we know the pain and turmoil associated with gastrointestinal problems. The solution your looking for is a major life change, it is not something that will happen overnight. The solution is a change to the way you think about eating, managing stress, and avoiding triggers that cause flare-ups.

So, how do you heal your gut naturally?

As for the answer to how to heal your gut lining naturally, what you need is a way to eat at home or anywhere else, and to make it work with food that you already eat, this is a CRITICAL part of our program. You just need to group differently. Using our eating guide, you can eat much like you do now, at almost anyone,s home, or at any restaurant. Just eliminate any single item or items that violate the food grouping rules. You still have to avoid trigger foods, but you will be able to eat almost everything you are accustomed to. With that said, you still need to understand, if you want to heal, a few things that you now hold dear are about to change.

You will find the lists simple, and yes, not every food is listed.

1. The protein foods are easy to remember; meat, nuts, eggs, and cheese. These foods are the P group.
2. Starch foods are easy as well; all fruit and any vegetable that yields sugar or starch such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beets, carrots, beans, winter squash (most yellow and orange meat squash), and most grains. These foods are the S group.
3. Watery veggies are all the rest, including almost all juicy, crispy, and leafy vegetables. These foods are the W group.

Three groups, one rule; never mix proteins with sugar/starch (carb) foods in the same meal. For our purposes, sugar, carbohydrates and starches are all the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably here. These are the S group.

So, the answer as how to heal your gut naturally is determined by the way you are grouping the foods that you eat every day. You only have one main thing to remember: Foods fall into three groups, i.e. protein, starch, and watery, and you do not mix proteins and starch. Ever.

What are the (trigger foods)?
These are the foods you must avoid in order to heal your gut lining naturally. These foods must be avoided permanently no ifs ands or buts. While most of the program is about food combinations that will cause acid production, these foods do it all on their own. They have a nutrient mix that is so wrong for our bodies, theres no good way to eat them.

• Yogurt (coconut yogurt including probiotics is ok, such as SoDelicious brand).
• Milk (all varieties, goat, cow, fresh, whole, raw and all fat or lactose content).
• Nut/seed butters (including peanut butter). Homemade, no sugar 2 TBS/ day ok.
• Cottage cheese
• Sour cream
• Nutritional drinks like boost and ensure and most weight gain/loss drinks.
• Quinoa
The Pain Free Foods program will walk you through how to heal your gut lining naturally in every way, and you can find a free digital version of the book at In the meantime, here is a way to test our theory. Experiment with my Catalyst Food Avoidance diet by doing one thing for three days: Do not mix protein foods and carbohydrate foods in the same meal for the next three days and you will begin to feel better just that fast. Of course, getting better to the point of having zero symptoms is not quite that simple. Keep in mind that doing what you have been doing does not work, and even doctors admit that medicine cannot cure any digestive disorder. Try something that works, and since it is free, you only have your pain, bloating, acid, and inflammation to lose.

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