How do you get rid of bloating?

1. Rachels Tea
2. Peppermint Oil Supplement
3. Follow the Pain Free Foods Program

For bloating we recommend Rachels Tea, Peppermint Oil along with the Pain Free Foods Program for long term relief of symptoms. Pain Free Foods and Rachel's tea is all about reducing acid and inflammation.

Our tea is specifically made to soothe and relieve the years of harmful effects from stomach acid. Not only is the tea great for every severe symptom of digestive disorders, there are also many benefits to people who suffer from acid reflux. We believe our tea to be the single most important supplement for people who suffer from acid reflux but the other important aspect for long term relief is to follow the Pain Free Foods Program. The herbs used in Rachels Tea are wild crafted and professionally packaged and the blend of our tea is specifically made with the symptoms of most digestive disorders and acid reflux in mind. The tea is not only natural but its soothing and helpful in symptom reduction and pain relief, it can also aid in improving your sleep and attitude.

Here's the information you NEED to understand. Diet and stress can produce stomach acid. Your body is designed to digest foods with enzymes primarily and to use acid as a last resort. Grouping the wrong nutrients within a given meal or time frame tries to force these enzymes to work together unsuccessfully. The end result: STOMACH ACID

Using Rachels tea will naturalize the acid to a degree and relieve pain. For long term relief of symptoms, we recommend following the Pain Free Foods Program. What you need is a way to eat at home or anywhere else, and to make it work with food that you already eat, this is a CRITICAL part of our program. You just need to group differently. Using our eating guide, you can eat much like you do now, at almost anyones home, or at any restaurant. Just eliminate any single item or items that violate the food grouping rules. You still have to avoid trigger foods, but you will be able to eat almost everything you are accustomed to. With that said, you still need to understand, if you want to heal, a few things that you now hold dear are about to change.

You will find the lists simple, and yes, not every food is listed.
• The protein foods are easy to remember; meat, nuts, eggs, and cheese. These foods are the P group.
• Starch foods are easy as well; all fruit and any vegetable that yields sugar or starch such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, beets, carrots, beans, winter squash (most yellow and orange meat squash), and most grains. These foods are the S group.
• Watery veggies are all the rest, including almost all juicy, crispy, and leafy vegetables. These foods are the W group.

Three groups, one rule; never mix proteins with sugar/starch (carb) foods in the same meal. For our purposes, sugar, carbohydrates and starches are all the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably here. These are the S group.
So, the answer as how relieve bloating long term is determined by the way you are grouping the foods that you eat every day. You only have one main thing to remember: Foods fall into three groups, i.e. protein, starch, and watery, and you do not mix proteins and starch. Ever.

Peppermint oil is used to calm the entire digestive tract, cool and sooth red hot inflammation, reduce bloating, and help allow the body to begin rebuilding the mucosal linings of the stomach and intestine stripped away by too much acid. This wonder oil is a known remedy for many things and has been used as a folk remedy for virtually every stomach and digestive disorder for hundreds of years. Peppermint works great for most people who try it because it is so general in its beneficial effect that it produces great benefits and symptom relief for nearly all digestive disorders. From your local health food store, peppermint comes in a variety of brands and strengths. It may contain alcohol or chemical additives. Peppermint is potent and as such your brand might contain very little peppermint oil.

You can find the correct recipe to make your own Rachels Tea at Detox Tea and you will also find the benefits of each ingredient explained. You can always visit Digestive Tea to order Rachels Tea.

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