Here’s how you can inculcate your child about good and bad touch

We often teach our children to be safe while crossing the street, looking both ways, avoiding outside food, wearing seat belts, etc.

But some talks for some parents are hard to discuss. Sexual exploitation is one of them. Sex education or discussing sex and reproductive organs are counted as taboo in India.

In India, sex education is considered a personal act, and schools are not ideal for talking about contraception, sexuality, and homosexuality. Moreover, some liberal idiots also argued that openly knowing the sex and external organs is a shameful act that would corrupt the youth and wound Indian cultural values.

How to save your child from a bad company?

One of the most significant alarming issues that give oxygen to such atrocious actions is the lack of communication. Children and teenagers are curious about sex, and the sense of hush-hush over sex education with the easy accessibility to adult sites is a lethal combination. Many parents hesitate to talk about sex and inappropriate touching. If we go with the statistics, it says that one in four parents find it embarrassing and haven't spoken on this with their kids. The most common excuse is "we don't know where to start and get around it without scaring the child." we need to understand the seriousness of the issue; the study shows that one in 13 boys and one in four girls have experienced child abuse in their childhood.

So what's the solution?

Kids are isolated to these touches and emotions; it's important to introduce kids about good and bad contact to learn to confront and prevent sexual abuse. As a student of ASPAM Scottish that is counted as one of the best schools in Noida, I would like to give share some tips on how can you can equip your kids to combat sexual abuse.

• You're the owner of your body.

Teach your children to say this is your body. Empower them to raise voice if a stranger or sibling is doing something uncomfortable and hurting. This will help your child to set their comfortable boundaries.

• Zero tolerance for any touch
Not only strangers but also teach your kids to know the difference between right touch and bad touch. Sometimes it's challenging when you endow social skills in your child, but it's crucial to stay in control and introduce others with your boundaries.

• Use proper words for body parts.
This point is for the parents who feel awkward and prefer to jump over such a discussion that shouldn't be overlooked. Use the right name for body parts to get a smooth flow of conversation with your child. Kids may sense your awkwardness over such talks and certain body parts and think it shouldn't be discussed in the open.

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