Help stop spreading of germs in school

The world is opening up after the pandemic and the schools are about to start in India anytime soon. The rise of infections especially in children is alarming to even think about. Hence placing a very strong defence system in place is the key to provide a safe environment for the children. Studies show that an average child contracts six to 10 colds in a year. As cold and cough are major symptoms of COVID-19 they inevitably miss school if they get sick. Common cold and flu spread too fast within a classroom set-up and absenteeism are the most common in primary schools.

To make a difference to arrest the spread of the germs hand hygiene plays an important role. Cold is the number one reason for illness in children, doctor’s visits and missed days of school. In every class, at least one student is harbouring an illness that can spread easily to peers.

How to prevent the spread of germs in the classroom?
Keep Hand Sanitizer Accessible
Educate the students on the proper use of hand sanitizers and encourage them to use it every time before and after they do an activity. Ask them to use sufficient amounts to cover their hands covering the fingertips, between the fingers and under the nails. Keep bottles of sanitizers and dispensers in classrooms so that the children can quickly sanitize their hands and the dispensers will ensure there is no cross-contamination.

Important instances to ensure hand sanitizing is after using a library, using shared equipment like computers, colouring supplies, stationery and not to forget after games and physical training. Hand sanitization is important as soon as they enter the classroom and while leaving at the end of the day.

Surface sanitizers wipes
At the end of every day ensure cleaning staff are advised to use surface sanitizer wipes on the furniture and door handles to eliminate any possible microbes that could be lurking.

Have an extra set of supplies
If a student has forgotten to bring his supplies, allow him to use the extra supply stored in the classroom rather than using the stationary of a friend who is having a running nose. One of the main ways that germs spread are through objects that are infested with germs. By having extra supply you can make sure that no sharing of possessions happens within the classroom. This will majorly control the spread of infections within the classroom. Staff should ensure that supplies are sanitized before giving it another student next time.

Bag holders in restrooms
Restrooms are the hotspots of germs. If the student has a habit of carrying bags to the restrooms, it is important to provide a bag shelf. Placing the bags on the floors outside or inside the bathrooms can immediately attract germs to the backpacks. The germs thus gain easy access into the body causing infections and diseases.

Offer support to students who miss class
In case students feel unwell encourage them to stay at home rather than pop a pill and head to classrooms. Schools can actively support students at least for the next year or until the medicine is found for COVID-19. Schools should offer online support to children who are sick. This will make sure they do not miss class and are not forced to attend being sick. The little extra effort by the management can largely reduce absenteeism in schools and maintaining a healthy environment for all.

Products that help you create a safe environment in school

Smartsan hand Sanitizers
Smartsan Hand sanitizer with permissible limits of alcohol is capable of killing harmful viruses and bacteria in your hands. The Hand Sanitizer is in gel form and it leaves your hands feeling soft and clean. We provide one-time use hand sanitizer sachets, wipes and an easy to carry card spray.

Smartsan hand sanitizer rubs when placed in the important spots in the school and classrooms help in maintaining hygiene. This includes labs, restrooms and near the entrances and exits to rule out microbes and germs up to 99.9%*. Hand sanitizers are especially capable of reducing the spread of rotavirus, adenovirus, and rhinovirus.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer
Keep infections at bay with Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes from any surface. So it’s an enriched formula and IPA base leaves any surface not only 99.9%* germ-free but with a subtle fresh fragrance. And it also cleans dirt and stains.

Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes leaves the surface sanitized and germs free for extended hours. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer Wipes is convenient to use with 150×150 mm conveniently folded non-woven fabric. It is machine sprayed for even wetness and handy design it ensures you are protected instantly and constantly against deadly germs and viruses.

Frequently Asked Question
Can hand sanitizers be used when hands are greasy?
Hand sanitizers do not work on dirty hands. You will have to use soap and water to remove the greasiness. Hand sanitizers are effective in getting rid of the germs lurking in your hands after touching a contaminated surface

What is the required quantity?
Use a very little amount of hand sanitizer. This is enough to cover your hands including fingertips and between your fingers. Too much hand sanitizer is not going to kill more viruses. Hence it is advisable to use sparingly and save up on your bottle.

What is the difference between cleaning liquid and surface sanitizer?
Cleaning liquid focuses on dirt and grime while surface sanitizers concentrate on killing germs off the surface.

Can surface sanitizer remove stains?
The alcohol content in the surface sanitizers helps in removing the stains while application. The Surface sanitizers suits both porous and non-porous surfaces to remove stains and germs alike.

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