Health benefits of Ragi

Ragi and its many health benefits

Ragi, or in other words Finger Millets from ancient times, is a food of choice for many across the country. From ragi mudde (ragi balls) in Karnataka, to bhakri in Maharashtra, or even the contemporary ragi biscuits, ragi is consumed in various different forms. What’s great about ragi is that it has a distinct taste and is loaded with nutrients. Ragi is considered to be extremely healthy for diabetics thanks to its rich-carbohydrate content. While ragi is good for diabetics, it has various other health benefits too, making it perfect for everyone to consume.

Various Other Health benefits of Ragi:

● Keeps diabetes under control: As mentioned above, Ragi is a superfood for people suffering from diabetes. Compared to rice, maize or wheat, ragi contains abundant polyphenols and dietary fibres. The low glycemic index lessens food cravings and maintains the digestive pace, consequently, keeping blood sugar within the safe range.

● Rich in calcium: Calcium is known to strengthen the bones, thus preventing osteoporosis. And ragi is one of the only non-dairy products to be rich in calcium. It is said that 100g of Ragi contains approximately 344mg calcium.

● Maintains healthy skin: Ragi is said to do wonders when it comes to maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. Ragi contains vital amino acids like Methionine and Lysine that make the skin tissues less prone to wrinkles and sagging.

● Aids weight loss: Ragi contains high amounts of dietary fibres that help keep the stomach full for a longer and thus prevents unwanted food cravings. Consuming ragi in the morning keeps you full through the day, minimising hunger and aiding in weight loss.

● Fights anemia: Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron and is considered as a boon for anemic patients. The Vitamin C in ragi helps in absorption of iron into the bloodstream.

The various health benefits of ragi are what make it perfect for everyone to consume. If you wish to buy pure and organic ragi, Organic Tattva is the place you can buy it from. Every batch of ragi goes through 189 pesticide residue testing to check for absence of chemicals or any other additives, ensuring that we get the purest ragi.

Disclaimer: If you have diabetes, we recommend consulting an expert before making any major changes to your diet.

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