Fortnite: How to Finish Groot Awakening Challenges

Fortnite Season 4 of Chapter 2 has brought various types of new content in the game. The developers have added the Marvel character’s skins, items, and new challenges in the game. Along with several new items and skins, fresh fancy skin of Groot is also available that looks stunning. However, the skin of Groot is part of the Battle Pass. Along with the skin of Groot, there’s also a challenge available named “ Groot Awakening.”

If players complete this challenge by wearing the Groot skin, they can win some extra rewards. However, the Groot Awakening challenge is not so tricky, and there are only challenges available that can be completed easily.


How to Plant a Tree on A Heart-Shaped Island
The first task from the Groot Awakening challenge is that you need to plant a tree at the heart-shaped island. To find the location, you have to move at the far-west side of the map at Holly “Hedges.” Once you reach the mentioned area, you will see an island with the shape of a heart. Once you get there, you have to plant a tree.

If you play this challenge while wearing Groot skin, you can complete this task quickly. The Groot challenge is all about planting a seed. Once you finish this task, you can move anywhere on the map. You can reach the heart-shaped island through swimming.

How to Emote At the Friendship Monument
In this second challenge, it is important to wear the Groot skin and be alert from enemies. In this challenge, you have to get to the left side of “Sweaty Sands” which is close to the location where a huge castle is situated above the water. There’s a forest section below the following castle. There you will find one monument of a person made from pipes and the second monument of a person made from hay bales, giving the high five.

To complete the challenge, you simply need to emote while wearing the Groot. It will also unlock the “Rocket Racoon.” The Rocket Racoon will be a pet, and it will follow Groot everywhere for the entire match. This type of reward in the game is pretty decent and quite rare. It will represent a dynamic duo of the game.

Both of the challenges are slightly close to each other, but you need to play two matches to complete these challenges. Players are happy with the challenge, and they are more satisfied with the rewards. Fortnite usually doesn’t provide these types of rewards in the game, but in the Chapter 2 Season 4, developers have tried something new. Players love this new theme and new rewards that Fortnite offers. However, it’s just the first week of Season 4, and surely Fortnite has plenty of great secrets to reveal.

Fortnite tremendously hyped the game after launching the Marvel-themed event in the game. Currently, the content related marvel is fully packed and players are happy to explore them. The first week of Season 4 is going to be successful.

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