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Is speaking English a mental activity or a physical activity?
As language learners, we tend to think English speaking is a mental activity….
But, when you are learning how to speak English better, it’s actually very similar to the process of learning a new physical skill like dancing, skiing, or even riding a bike!
In this article, I’ll be comparing the process of improving your speaking skills to learning a new sport; you will understand why it feels so difficult to speak English in the beginning and how to improve your speaking skills!
If you decided you wanted to learn how to ski, it would probably be best to take a lesson so you have some knowledge about what you need to do to get to the bottom of the hill in one piece!
KNOWING what to do, doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to fall, make a mistake or have to think about what you are doing.
Knowledge or Facts You Understand: Your instructor wants to make sure you know how to turn and stop. After he explains how to do it, you understand that you need to put more pressure on your right leg to start turning as soon as you start to go down the hill.
Developing the Skills: The first time you try to follow the instructions, you start putting pressure on your leg, but the ski does not turn very much and you immediately fall down! However, after trying to do the same thing several times, you learn how to turn to turn!

Speaking Better Takes Practice
To learn how to speak English better, you need to start with some basic knowledge (which you already have): basic pronunciation, common vocabulary and a few grammar rules like how to conjugate a verb.
Even though you ‘know’ the words and you ‘learned’ how to put the sentence together, when you try to speak English, it is really difficult! Your brain is trying to do an ‘action’ based on the knowledge that was stored in your brain while you focused on learning individual activities and rules.
When you speak, your thoughts are spontaneous and you have to recall several rules to structure the sentence correctly and remember the correct vocabulary WHILE trying to speak out loud with good pronunciation to be understood.
Every time that you use a new word or remember a grammar rule while speaking, you are developing your speaking skills. This is the process of remembering and using your knowledge.
At first, English speaking is slow and uncomfortable. After using the most common words hundreds of times and putting together different grammar structures, you learn to speak English, and it becomes faster and easier to recall this information.
Speaking fluency is developed when you use your English ‘knowledge’ with ‘action’ of speaking.

The first time you learn a new skill skiing, you have to think about every single movement because you are trying to apply the knowledge that your instructor gave you to develop a certain skill.
When you are learning how to speak English… you will also need to think about every word you use and how to correctly use the grammar until you are comfortable with using those words.
The cool thing is that after you use the same words and verbs over and over again, you won’t have to think about them as much. If you practice speaking enough, you will be able to respond a lot faster without thinking about vocabulary or grammar.

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