Easy Ways to Protect your Organization from Cyber Attacks- Mannai Networking & ELV

Any organization, be it in the public sector and government authorized ones, are viable for Cyber Attacks. And when they happen, they tend to tear apart the reputation of your company. Asking for ransoms or merely putting out all your data out there on the internet for the public to comment on is a whole different issue. There have been many recent cyber-attacks that have destroyed both the reputation and credibility of many organizations. But on the other hand, there are many simple and viable hacks that can be practiced in order to protect your organization from most forms of cyber-attacks.

Before checking in on the simple and easy ways to protect your organization from cyber threats, we must look into the issue of what triggers it. The barrier to enter the field of cybercrimes are too low, anyone with talent can make use of it and to increase it further, the consequences that follow are not really even merely scary. People even tend to take part in such practices as a mere show-off, the trend is only increasing, it’s time we do what we can to protect what we believe in.

The forte against Cyber Security attacks can be built upon the shoulder of your talented employees. They are your best defence. When attackers are all into finding a loophole to enter your system, an untrained employee will be the first one. The easiest way to strengthen your organization even for a list of cyber security attacks starts with providing the best training for your staff. Once they are equipped, the wall is built. They’ll know how to defend themselves from the ones trying to take out their job and put the blame on their head.

All news on cyber-attacks shows the deep impact and scar that it can make on your organization. As we discussed before, there are many really easy hacks for preventing this from happening. And the second step in that would be, to update all your software regularly. Make sure, any software used by your company belongs to the latest in the series and have gone through all the recent updates. An un-updated one will be the sweet spot for any cyber-criminal looking to bring down your company. Make sure to do a routine check on all your software weekly that they are updated, even though antivirus apps will claim to do so. A list of cyber-attacks has proven that, it was the un-updated app that triggered it.

There are many more techniques to guard against even the biggest cyber security attacks. The methods include, round the clock threat monitoring, incident response plan, having an external cyber-intelligence and much more. If you are not careful, Cyber Attack maps have even traced their origins to hardware thefts happened in the organization via physical means. Strengthening against cyber-attack bullying, is not just about taking hardcore measure against cyber threats, they will also strengthen and mold the base of your company, readying you for any un-seen challenges that lies in the path ahead.

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