E-Learning App Helping Students Study CBSE Model Paper Class 12 Computer Science in an Interactional Way

CBSE provides sample papers and solutions for textbooks provided by schools. Computer Science Class 12 is a subject in which students are able to get to know the classifications and components of Computer Science. CBSE Class 12 Computer Science syllabus is quite vast and needs in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Students do need a good source of secondary knowledge other than the textbooks. Students do rely heavily on textbooks and classroom notes provided by their experts for having a briefing about their subjects. Students have confessed the pressure and about their only primary source of study. The textbooks also contain a number of questions that can be often overlooked by the teachers in the classroom as they are in a hurry of getting done with the syllabus. These questions can appear in the exams and with minimal preparations students can not score good marks in them. A good source to access CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus can help them big time. There are several sources online as well as offline where students can access CBSE Model Paper class 12 Computer Science. The offline sources include textbooks by other authors and learning guides but it can be a hard task for students to come across a good and reliable source. Students also tend to waste a lot of time on their crucial study time while looking for these sources that can hinder their learning process. Online sources include e-learning websites and online study guides. One of the major challenges that are faced by students of CBSE board is that most of the e-learning websites and apps curate and publish content for the students of CBSE Board and the students of ICSE board cannot be benefit from that. Students of the CBSE board can rely on the Extramarks app for having a good learning experience. Extramarks-The Learning app is one of the best and most popular e-learning apps available on the internet. The app has multiple interactive learning tools and study options that can help students in becoming efficient learners. The app has study tools for all subjects like CBSE Computer Science Syllabus, CBSE. Extramarks is an online learning platform that offers online study material for CBSE and ICSE Sample Paper Class 12 Computer Science. Our aim is to unveil the talent of students studying in CBSE Class 12 Computer Science. We help in building a strong foundation for the students. We offer various creative and innovative videos that will encourage the students to learn, practice and explore new ideas.

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