Differences Between Banks in North Carolina and Credit Unions

There are many more choices than you think when it comes to getting a loan, opening a savings or checking account, obtaining a credit card, and such. Most people are used to banks in North Carolina, but the truth is there are many other options such as credit unions. These offer more benefits than you can imagine, and it is important to understand each and find out if they are in your best interest. You can find similar products and services, but different fees, interest rates, customer service, and you are treated differently as well.

Why Banks in North Carolina

Banks in North Carolina are well-known by everyone. They have many branches and ATMs and it is very likely to spot their brand wherever you go. People are used to them, because they activate in the industry for so long, and they invest considerably in advertising and marketing their image. People can easily become clients, and this is usually the most appealing concept, because there are no requirements to be able to walk in the institution and ask for services and products. However, they are stricter when it comes to other aspects, such as obtaining a loan, getting a credit card, they have high fees and unfavorable interest rates.

For many years, people chose banks because they were trustworthy and believed to be the only option. Things have changed along the way and nowadays there are alternatives. For instance, even if you want to get a loan of any kind, you will be able to find several lenders and financial institutions that stand at your disposal. Credit unions are among them and by comparing institutions, you will be able to tell which ones are more appropriate for your needs and for your family.

What Is the Carolina Credit Union?

Banks are for-profit, which means they are privately owned, and stockholders need to make an income and they do so through fees and interest rates. On the other hand, the Carolina credit union is a non-profit cooperative, which means that it is owned and operated by members and there is a strong focus on the community. People that share a common bond are more likely to become members. For instance, those who live in a community, who are employed at a certain workplace, have faith in a membership, and such.

Being non-profit, unions are exempt from federal taxes, and some of then even receive subsidies from affiliated organizations. There is no pressure to make profits for shareholders, as the main mission is to help members and offer them affordable services and products. As a result, they take advantage of lower and fewer fees, lower rates on loans, and save more on savings accounts due to high interest rates. Most likely you are not able to say the same about other institutions, as few of them actually want to help the community in such a great manner.

At banks in North Carolina , the focus is on the profit, and not centered around the needs of the clients. Many people still prefer them, especially because of the flexibility of becoming a client, especially for those who have a good banking history. To benefit from a union’s services, one has to become a member and there are some requirements to fulfil. Banks have many branches and ATMs and those who travel often and want to make deposits and withdrawals might still prefer the convenience.

Credit unions try to keep up with these trends and in fact, they partner with other cooperatives to improve branch availability and ATMs access. To make things even more attractive, unions don’t apply any fees for using ATMs, so this is a great aspect for those who rely on them and want to save additional money. Many banks have great access to technology, and they can provide 24/7 access to accounts through internet and mobile banking. To attract more members, some unions embrace this trend and offer the same functionalities.

The Carolina credit union is known for its excellent customer service. When members walk inside the union’s branch, they will receive personal attention and their needs will be attended. Once you become a member, you stay one for life, even if you leave the community or the workplace you served initially. In fact, you can refer your family members as well and make sure they benefit from excellent services as well. Unions are more likely to work with you in case you have a poor credit score and improve it to have access to loans.

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