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What we do?

Welcome to Devi Sarwal, one of the premier real estate investment, development, and management firms in Texas. While we specialize in creating highly desirable real estate developments and structured transactions, we take the greatest pleasure in creating projects that enrich lives, relationships that last, and above all, building trust.

Long-term relationships built on integrity and trust are why over 90% of our business comes from referrals and existing relationships.

We try to build relationships with our partners and clients and create a true sense of trust, with a relationship built on integrity. Whether a multi-family residential development or Commercial Real Estate Developer services, every project and assignment provides the opportunity to improve.

Each commercial real estate project reflects a purpose, where we combine quality with creativity.
Devi Sarwal Development

Office Projects
We welcome office construction projects.
We maintain relationships with some of the larger Texas based office developers and contractors and ensure that your project is built on time and on budget.

Mixed Use
Nothing excites us more than mixed use projects.
We have been involved in countless mixed-use projects and love the creativity that comes from mixing uses and settings. It is this type of project that we bring the greatest amount of experience in.

Our multi-family projects usually involve retail at the bottom floor.
We have been involved in 5-story stick, podium, wrap, and high-rise construction projects and bring a wealth of experience to this asset class.

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